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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Smarty Mom: Marybeth Barrett

By Katie M

Happy Smarty Mom Saturday! Today I am excited to introduce a super savvy – and very funny - mompreneur, Marybeth Barrett, or “Madame Craftsalot, whichever you prefer,” she says. Marybeth is a stay-at-home mom who works part time as an interior decorator by day and crafter by night. She owns an interior redesign, home-staging and color business called Addressing Spaces. She also makes and sells a variety of art, home décor and accessories on her web site. And if that's not enough to keep her busy, she also keeps a blog about do-it-yourself projects at

Marybeth and her husband, Dan, have two adorable children: McLendon (Mac) age 5, and McAlister (Cal) age 2 ½. The have lived in the Triad (Winston-Salem) for four years after living in Atlanta and Florida.

In her own words, Marybeth is “addicted to crafting. I love anything arts and crafts-related. My husband got me a table saw for Christmas!” Marybeth was also one of eight designers who volunteered her services and expertise to decorate a room to help raise money for the Habitat for Humanity Restore Spaces event, and won two awards! Additionally, she is a member/volunteer at the Junior League of Winston Salem, and will be working on Tour of Fine Kitchens. Marybeth recently got certified in Interior Redesign, Staging & Color and is currently working on her diploma in Interior Design. She also loves photography and is addicted to HGTV. “Much to my husband’s dismay, I love to dumpster-dive and I love the thrill of the hunt for a bargain at thrift stores, Habitat Restore, etc. And yes, I am also addicted to shopping,” she adds.

Ok, so let’s chat with some more with Marybeth.

How do you balance your work and home life?
One day at a time! I only work part time and I have a very hands-on and supportive husband, and friends. I work while the kids are in pre-school or sleeping. Yes, sometimes I get tired, but the fulfillment of what I do is so worth it.

What Smarty tips do you have for other moms in your position?
Find something you love and follow your passion. Do what feels right for you and your family and forget about what anyone else thinks. Make sure you take time for yourself whether personally or professionally. Moms often lose a sense of self, so don’t forget who you are, what you love and what keeps you going. And remember, “if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy!” A good glass of wine or some fine chocolate don’t hurt either!

Favorite place to get a good deal on kids clothes?
Pre-school consignment clothing sales, especially the New Philadelphia Pre-School's (Country Club Road in WS) Fall and Spring Sales. (Spring sale takes place March 13th and 14th. Watch TSP for more information!).

What is your favorite family activity?
Dance Party complete with disco ball. We like to “Shake what your Mama Gave You.”

Favorite “mommy-time” activity?
Listening to some tunes and crafting in my workroom…it is my escape. It is even better when my girlfriends join me!

Best place to eat lunch with the kids?
I hate to say it but they love to eat and play at Chick-fil-A. (That sounds so awful!!)

Favorite place to eat dinner out with the kids?
La Carreta on Jonestown…Fast service and good food. Tip: Get there before 6 pm and order the Bean Dip & Pollo Sinoloa. (Margaritas aren’t too shabby either!)

Funniest thing your kid(s) has ever said?

All of my family lives out of state so I am constantly sending emails with Mac-isms and Cal-isms:

We were having lunch while our wonderful cleaning lady was here. Mac asked "Is she a girl?" I said "Yes" (knowing fullwell where this was going). He said, "Does she have issues?" This goes back to a conversation we had weeks prior where he kept saying he wanted to be a girl. I told him he didn't want to be a girl because we had too many issues. I guess he listens. He was four at the time.

This is kind of bittersweet but it was classic from my five-year old: “Mom, how did God get Bodie to heaven if he can’t drive his car up there?” I thought it was a very good question, so I told him to go ask his father! (Bodie was our beloved family dog)

Favorite park in the Triad?
Tie: Tanglewood and Joanie Moser

Mini-van or SUV?
Mini-Van Mom all the way!

Best thing about raising a family in the Triad?
Living in the City of the Arts and all the different events downtown & all the kids museums.

Best kept secret in the Triad?
Marcos Car Wash on Country Club Road (WS).

Best birthday party you have attended?
Boys: Funigan’s Family Fun Center on Stratford. Girls: Cash Lovell Stables (loved painting the horse!

I could not live without my... Winston-Salem “Peeps,” my workshop, and an ice-cold can of Diet Mountain Dew.

I wish someone had told me sooner about... Liberty Salvage Downtown & Habitat Restore. Oh, and a new one…Trader Joes Sea Salt Chocolate. Holy Christmas they are good!

Thanks, Marybeth for all your fun, Smarty answers!

We are always on the hunt for Smarty Moms. And while we've been featuring some moms who have done AMAZING things such as going above-and-beyond the call of duty for others, doing incredible work for her family, friends, or community, or has accomplished tremendous feats - we are also looking to feature moms in the Triad who just simply live the daily grit of motherhood! Please send us your "mominations" and feel free to nominate yourself (especially if you are a mompreneur with a great service or product to promote)! We look forward to hearing from you. Email us here with your “Smarty Momination”!


JoAnne Lenart-Weary said...

I have had the pleasure of working with Mary Beth and her creative mind amazes me. She is talented, funny, warm and caring.

Ashley said...

I thoroughly enjoyed looking through your website and blog. You are so crafty and it is great to see a mom with such talent putting it to good use!

Lauren S. said...

I have heard that "home staging" helps so much in selling a house. With how many houses I saw today with FOR SALE signs, I hope you gets lots of calls and business. You seem like a great Smarty Mom nomination.

Anonymous said...

LOVE your blog!!

Alli & Bryan said...

MB is probably the smartest, funniest most talented mama I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Congrats on all of your successes, lady. You deserve it! I heart Marybeth!

Kari Foster Allison said...

Marybeth, you rock! You are the coolest chickadee I know. Can we please have a mommy field trip to Liberty Salvage? I wish you all the best with all of your business ventures.

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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