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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!

By Rachel H

Today we celebrate dads near and far
For the men that they were, and the men that they are

Whether they are here with us to hug today
Or if we have lost them, but made memories on the way

We want to say thank you for all that you do
We want to say thanks for most of all, just being you!

Enjoy some words of thanks from our Triad Little Smarties below in honor of their Dads who ROCK ...

Neil Marion

Ella and Slate say, "Our dad rocks because he does all the pirate voices when he reads to us."

Tom Bennett

Daniel says, "My dad rocks because he taught me how to skateboard."
Thomas says, "My dad rocks because he pulls my teeth."
Ward says, "My dad rocks because he builds block castles and garages with me."

Blake Shotwell

"Our dad rocks because he is fun and playful. He is a superstar. I like when he plays basketball. Dad is so much fun. He plays dog pound and lets us jump on his bed. And I love about him because he always carries me on his shoulders. I love him. Dads are great."

Chad McNeill

Brock and Emma say, "My Dad rocks because he drives a truck and gets us treats!!"

John Morrison

Carlie says, "My dad rocks because he makes me laugh all the time."
Evelyn says, "My dad rocks because he always lets me win when we play Candyland."

Stephen Willis

Berkley says, "My dad rocks because he tosses me up as high as I want to go!" ( my 10 month old didn't really say this, but if he could talk he would!)

Marc R.

Trevor says, "My dad rocks because he always makes me laugh by being so goofy!"

Rick A.

My dad rocks because ..."He takes me fishing!"

Kerry B.

Kelly says, "My dad rocks because he's cool and smart."

Jason D.

Ella says, "My dad rocks because he loves to play in the waves with me at the beach."

Kevin H.

Jake says, "My dad rocks because he loves music!"
Anna says, "My dad rocks because he gives us junk food when mommy is gone."

Alex Bartram

Conner and Davis say, "Our dad rocks because he is the best fisherman in the whole wide world!"

Tyson Hutchens

Gracelyn says, "My Dad Rocks because he's MINE (and because he makes the best Giraffe and Elephant sounds)!"

Charlie M.

Emily says, "My dad rocks because I like to watch things like baseball games with him." Henry says, "My daddy rocks because he reads me books."


connie said...

Such a great way to honor dads today!

Victoria said...

These are so cute! Happy Fathers Day to our dad, too! I was too slack to send in a photo in time! :)

RLR said...

Fun! We didn't get it together in time, but I hope you'll do this again next year!

Katie M said...

Rachel, LOVE the poem this morning! Great idea to honor all our favorite dads!!

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