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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Top 10 Things You Should Know About Consignment Sales

By Guest Blogger Chrissy F

Chrissy is the brains behind, a fabulous consignment directory and social media resource for every shopper no matter your zip code. Chrissy is a mom who lives in Greensboro, and while her site features a ton of great Triad sales, you can also search other sales happening around the country. Be sure to check her site often to find the latest sales (many of which are ranked), and sign up for her newsletter to get alerts in advance! - KM

Repeat after me: Consignment Sales are not Garage Sales, Consignment Sales are not Garage Sales..." There's a lot of "misunderstanding" about consignment sales. Until you've been to a really good one, its hard to appreciate the full value in these sales. If you are one of those trendy moms who is skeptical of the whole consignment thing, here are a few things you should know...

1. You Won’t Be Wearing What EVERYONE Else is Wearing!
When my little one was “little” he wore the same ol’ Carter’s & Target outfits as every other child. I can recall several instances where we showed up to play groups or the library with Jack wearing the EXACT same outfit as another child. While not as stressful as say, showing up to prom in the same dress, I was quickly OVER the whole look-like-everyone-else thing. At consignment sales, you can see TONS of brands across several seasons and definitely won’t be wearing the same ol’ same ol’!

2. Boutique Items at Prices You CAN Afford
Boutique items can get very expensive and most of the time, they get worn very little. At consignment sales, you can pick up incredible boutique clothes at 30-90% off retail pricing.

3. New with Tags
Most folks don’t realize this, but there are always tons of brand new items with tags at consignment sales!

4. Volunteer to Get the Good Stuff
This is definitely the number one secret of the pros! The good stuff gets gone early in the sale. If you volunteer, you can shop the volunteer pre-sale at most sales and can get your hands on the best items first! If you go on the final days AND you are a picky mom, you'll be totally disappointed in the selection. Go early to get the good stuff!

5. Seasonal clothing that’s barely worn
Easter outfits, Christmas sweaters, Halloween costumes… all at incredible prices! Seasonal clothing is a steal at consignment sales and it’s usually in great condition because it gets barely any wear!

6. Vendors!
Most sales have incredible vendors – from smocked clothing and monogrammed items to fabulous accessories.

7. Bigger Wardrobe for a Fraction of the Cost
If you are like me, I LOVE to have options in the closet (ok, and I don’t keep up with the laundry so well either). Shopping at consignment sales has meant a much bigger wardrobe at a fraction of the cost. And… I do laundry less often. HaHa!

8. Get Your Shopping Fix without Driving All Over Town
I love shopping… LOVE IT! But now that I’m a mommy, I have much less time for it. Consignment sales help me get my fix without driving all over town. Where else can you find clothes & toys from hundreds of sellers all in one place?

9. Or, Better Yet, Some Sales are Worth the Drive
If you love boutique items, there are tons of new “boutique” only and high-end consignment sales that are popping up. Search your zip code and add the word “boutique” in the keyword search to find sales in your area.

10. It’s Cool (and Green) to Shop Consignment
More and more savvy moms are jumping on the consignment bandwagon because it’s such a practical and green approach. Americans throw away 68 pounds of clothing each year (according to Doesn't that seem like a waste?

What are some of your favorite consignment sales around the Triad?


Jamie said...

I love all consignment sales! I am ready to check out the new Beanstalk one next weekend.

Courtney said...

Consignment sale THIS WEEKEND!

4054 Kernersville Road
Winston-Salem, NC
Friday 8/20 9:00 am - 1:00pm
Saturday 8/21 8:00 am - 1:00 pm

About 14 mom's have brought their items to be sold.

Kari said...

The Children's Boutique Resale is happening September 17-18th! It is the Triad's premier, boutique and designer clothing sale.

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