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Sunday, August 15, 2010

What's In Your Car?

By Krista W, Charlotte Smarty Pants

You know those catchy Capital One commercials that ask, “What’s in your wallet?”. Well, this got me thinking. These days, a wallet isn’t a moms catch-all. A wallet? Please, too small, come on. Even purses aren’t big enough to hold a mom’s unsorted stuff. Yes, even those huge Jessica Simpson duffle bags don’t cut it! What then is our catch-all?!! As I was pulling out part of a raincoat, one sandal, two Silly Bandz, and a juice box from my SUV, it hit me. Cars are a mother’s catch-all! We pick up, we drive, we eat on the go, we run errands, and even take road trips . . . so isn’t it inevitable that our cars end up with random goodies just about everywhere you can shove something? And so, Smarties, I ask, “What’s in your Car?”. Seriously, I’m taking a random audit of what we are storing in our “offices on the go”. Make me laugh, make me question your sanity, make me jealous that you are organized! I’m just dying to know, what is in there?!

Okay, so a few of you are probably wondering what I’m talking about. You have pristine cars and everything is organized perfectly. I’m sure the thought of food in your car straight-up frightens you. I’m jealous. I wish my “office” was as clean as yours. It isn’t though, and I don’t think it is in my nature to keep a clean car. While my closet is practically color coordinated, my car is far from it. I’m constantly running from place to place, and my daughter is a mini hoarder who loves to bring her treasures for a ride. So, if your car is clean, can you share with me how it’s done?! Give me some tips or at least tell me the best place to score a killer car wash!

I feel like I’m doing my civic duty here! I imagine women heading to their car in search for something strange. Hey, maybe I’ve inspired you to get it together and clean out your Minivan? Who knows? I’m just curious. So I charge you all to get out there and tell me what the heck is riding along with you!


Kelly G. said...

Baseball equipment for three males, chairs for watching ball games, towels for wet bleacher seats, sand, and some crud.

Amber said...

a snack bin, a Leapster bin, a first aid box, a bin of silverwerware/nail clippers/pens/napkins/tissue/gum/sanitizers/headphones/flashlight/etc, a potty, three changes of clothes, paper towels, a picnic blanket, a swim bag, coloring books, reading books, jackets, chairs, wipes, plastic bags, my CVS coupons, 4 umbrellas, and I think 2 children :)

philips frx said...

I have everything I need for the day in my car. You know that's the most important thing. Not to leave your important belongings.

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