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Friday, October 15, 2010

Momma's got a brand new bag

By Susan

Pocketbook, purse, diaper bag, suitcase...what's holding your junk? Currently, my junk is riding high in my Nest Diaper Bag.

I have the Mercer model in wine. Now before everyone starts sending me hate mail on how expensive this sucker is, let me talk first. It's listed for $385 (yes, ridiculous) but I found it cheaper online elsewhere for $300 and free shipping and no tax so the Nest Diaper Bag Man (Ken) let me have it for that. Just saying. Not all of the Nest Diaper Bags are quite that expensive.

I heart this bag and it loves me right back. It holds my sippy cups, snacks, dipes, wipes, makeup, hairbrush, Blackberry, bib, placemat, wallet, toys, keys, coupons, church envelopes, mail, checkbook, lunch for work days. Best of all, I carry it to the office!

Favorite Features of My New BFF:
(1) lining that unzips so you can throw in the wash
(2) 6 pockets inside - 2 for sippy cups (for Clay & Ella James), 1 for bottle of water (for moi), 1 for Blackberry, 2 for other stuff
(3) zippered inside pocket for makeup, Advil, gum, work badge
(4) roomy interior
(5) removable stroller strap plus 2 handles (although it might tip the stroller over b/c it's a beast)
(6) outside pocket with magnetic closure for coupons, to do list, etc.
(7) zippered compartment at bottom of bag for dipes, wipes, bib, diaper creme, placemat
(8) stylish details like brass "feet"as well as gorgeous suede and brass trim

I searched high and low for a bag that could work as a double agent (office worthy and high functioning diaper bag) because I'm too dumb to effortlessly switch between diaper bag and purse. After the 95th time I left my wallet or Blackberry or work badge in my diaper bag during the purse switcheroo process, something had to change.

I've gotten so many compliments on this bag - all from work people and non-Mommies who just like how it looks. They are floored when I proudly show them that it's a friggin' diaper bag. I can actually hear my husband rolling his eyes right now as I type. He's informed me that people compliment me on it because they think it's so ugly and obnoxious that they have to say something and they obviously aren't going to tell me they hate it. Whatever.

Now that we've covered the upside, let me cover the small downside - nothing but full disclosure here. I may need a chiropracter soon because this bag has it's own zipcode. It is a bit heavy (but not as heavy as my 25 lb 17 month old son so at least I'm balanced now - toddler on one hip and diaper bag on the other).

When it comes to pocketbooks, I'm firmly rooted in the "once-you-go-big, you-never-go-back" camp. I've finally found my true love! I may be addicted and must admit that I do want another one of these bags to add to the mix but I know that's the crazy talking. So for now, I'll just love the one I'm with!

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