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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

what's for breakfast?

By Guest Blogger, Adri Warrick:

With the end of summer and fall classes in full swing, we have begun our early days with blurry-eyed kids that have exactly sixteen minutes to get dressed, eat breakfast and out to the bus stop, we have to stop and ask the question - what is for breakfast? The easiest solution is a bowl of cereal or a breakfast bar. Do you ever stop and ask yourself what is in that bowl of cereal or that chewy and super sweet bar? How long will that keep their tummies full and their brains alert? One of the most important things we can do for our kids is to send them out the door with the most nutrient packed breakfast.

It is important to pick a breakfast that has some fiber, protein and complex carbohydrates. Something that will keep them full, alert and have good energy while stabilizing blood sugar. If children experience dips in blood sugar it may result in behavioral changes and the inability to focus. I am sure as parents you may pack a lunch the night before and put some thought and time into the items you place in the lunch box. Approach breakfast the same way and think about it the night before. Pull out the ingredients or prep anything you can ahead of time. This picture is proof it can be done fast. It was taken at 6:40 am, the smoothies were made in the five minutes before my husband left for a business trip and the kids ate the peanut butter and banana slices before we could snap the picture. After a mad dash, Henk was out the door and on the bus at 6:57 am. Not my finest moment, but I wanted to be real about what mornings looks like!

Here are some suggestions for a quick and filling breakfast:

Green Smoothies

Scrambled eggs with a side of strawberries - don't dirty a bowl, just crack and stir in pan and add a little seasoning.

Sliced bananas with peanut butter - also makes a great snack. Use apples if your child doesn't like bananas

Cereal that contains protein and add berries - for fiber and fullness. Read the label on your cereals.

Instant oatmeal with berries - try plain oatmeal and add some real maple syrup or honey.
Yogurt with honey or maple syrup and berries - read the sugar content on yogurt as well as artificial sweetners.

Dutch Muesli

Whole wheat toast or bagel with a nut butter or cheese
- look for a short list of ingredients on bread and that whole wheat is the first ingredient.

* For additional recipe ideas visit

Don't underestimate the power of a good breakfast. Crowd out the bad by bringing in the new. Throw out the summer doughnuts and sugary cereals. Think about how you feel when your only fuel is 2-3 cups of coffee until lunch. You are jittery, distracted and grumpy. Our kids have some big shoes to fill now that they are back in school. You wouldn't let them leave the house without their backpack and lunch box so why would you let them leave without the fuel they need to get them through 'til lunch. Breakfast seems like an impossible task some mornings but if we insist that they get dressed and brush their teeth, can't we insist the same about a good breakfast?

Share some of your Smarty breakfast tips!

Adri Warrick is co-founder along with her younger sister of The Whole Tulip Blog. Married to hubby, Will, for 8 yrs and Smarty Mom of two boys, Henk (5) and Chase (2). She is a neuromuscular massage therapist and loves to run and cross train. The Whole Tulip is a site for people to find recipes that incorporate whole foods. Basically, cooking as close to the source as possible. They create and experiment with simple recipes to share with people who want to create wholesome food for themselves and their family. Adri is also currently enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition based out of NYC where she is studying to become a Holistic Health Counselor. She has a passion for the body and how it works and what it needs but don't be fooled, girlfriend loves her wine and chocolate as much as the next!!


Anonymous said...

we put frozen whole berries in our oatmeal. it helps cool it down that way too.

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