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Monday, December 1, 2008

Great Holiday Gift Idea: Neela Bags!

By Jen P

Have you ever thought about how many plastic bags you obtain in one week? When I go to the grocery store, I could potentially get 20 bags. And at Target, I'm pretty sure they pack one item per plastic bag. I bet my family collects 50 bags a week. Multiply that times 52 and that's a pretty scary number. Thanks to two North Carolina natives at Neela Bags, we can take a stand!

These reusable, eco and environmentally friendly bags are stylish to boot. They come in four flavors right now - the green and zebra are my faves. I'm told they'll add some new fabrics toward the end of the summer.I checked out the "Market Pack" (see above photo) which contains 5 foldable market totes and retails for $22. Each market tote holds up to 20 lbs of stuff and will last up to two years with weekly use. These bags hold 2-3 times more than plastic bags.

So I did a test-drive at Earth Fare and when I whipped out these groovy bags, every person at checkout was interested in my bags. It really makes a statement when you fill up an entire grocery cart with pretty eco-friendly bags! I have since used these at Target, Trader Joe's, even the mall. Although Neela Bags offers a standard shopper bag specifically for mall use that retails for $7. This bag folds up small like a wallet to keep in your purse.I like the price points of these green bags.

The patterns are presh. These are a must-have and make for great gifts. Check them out at Neela Bags!


Kari said...

I am so glad that people are really starting to think about this. I have been carrying canvas tote bags to the grocery for years now. I always got side glances for my odd behavior! Now, I am happily joined by other mom, with much more stylish bags than my conference freebies! These bags are too cute!

kelly said...

I ordered these and I love them! I have a few as gifts and kept the rest for myself! :)

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