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Friday, December 5, 2008

Introducing TriadSmartyPants!

By Katie M., VP of Mommyhood in the Triad

Chances are if you’re reading this blog then you are a mom (or a dad) and no one knows better than you how frustrating it can be to find good, reliable information in a pinch. Well, I too have shared your frustration which is why TriadSmartyPants was born. This is a blog devoted to moms in the Triad, and written by a mom who lives in the Triad – with contributions from other moms (like you!) in our area.

Note the word “contributions” above; that will be key to the success of this blog. TriadSmartyPants is a place for us to share tips, swap ideas, and voice our opinions (however strong). I don’t pretend to know everything (far from it!). Instead, my job is to provide you with information learned through research, trial and yes, even error.

But the conception of TriadSmartyPants didn’t begin with me. It’s actually the brainchild of a much larger “community” called (based out of Charlotte, of course). Two of my dearest friends, Jen B and Jen P (pictured, left to right), co-founded CharlotteSmartyPants just over one year ago. Today, it is a full-blown web site with several hundred readers each day, as well as a dedicated team of mom writers and a “CraigsList-like” classified forum, among other things.

However, the success of CharlotteSmartyPants has been bittersweet and it came with a huge sacrifice. Less than three months after its launch, we all tragically lost Jen B to non-smoking lung cancer. She was 36-years-old, a wife of just four years, and a mother to a sweet two-year-old daughter Claire. CharlotteSmartyPants was Jen B’s passion, and to honor her Jen P found the strength and inspiration to keep the blog going - and always with Jen B’s spirit behind her every step of the way.

Jen P and her team have been doing such a good job that -- just a few months ago -- CharlotteSmartyPants was voted Best Local Blog in Charlotte by Creative Loafing magazine – a surprise that was announced to all on a very special day – none other than Jen B’s birthday.

So now it’s the Triad’s turn. CharlotteSmartyPants is ready to have a sister blog. You will notice that each day of the week will be devoted to something. For instance, one day will focus on Winston-Salem, one on Greensboro, one on High Point (and other areas like Clemmons and Kernersville). One day will focus on events for the weekend, while one day will focus on ways to save the earth and your wallet. And you can count on every Saturday to focus on a SmartyMom from the Triad (again, another area where I need contributions from you!).

I hope you’ll find it useful and somewhat entertaining.

Now let’s get Smarty!


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