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Friday, December 19, 2008

The Blessings of On-Demand Daycare

By Katie M and Guest Blogger Rachel H

As we count our blessings this holiday season, there’s one thing I am particularly thankful for and that’s on-demand daycare. What a genius idea! If you’re ever in a pinch (especially during the holiday hustle and bustle), there are two quality on-demand daycare centers in Winston-Salem. I’ll provide the information on KidSpot on Silas Creek Blvd, and Rachel will give you the skinny on BiziKids on Peacehaven.

For over three years, I have been using KidSpot. It offers convenience, a friendly staff (college educated and credentialed), and peace of mind – every time. Not to mention you never need to remember to call ahead to reserve a space and the prices are extremely reasonable – much lower than what I normally pay a babysitter (less than $6/hour per child). However, you are required to pay a two-hour minimum each visit, and your child is not allowed to stay for more than four hours because on-demand centers are not licensed daycare providers.

When you arrive at KidSpot you’ll notice you can’t just walk-in; you have to buzz the bell due to security (an added plus as it is located in the Silas Creek Crossing Shopping Center). At each visit, your contact information is added to their computer system (even if you are already a registered member they always check to be sure they have the current contact number), and the playroom is located behind a wall (yet another security measure to protect children from the store-front windows). The play area is huge and offers just about every toy imaginable, a wide screen TV for videos (yes, they usually have a video playing but who can blame them), a kid-size table for snacks and lunch (you need to provide the food), a protected play area for the younger kids, a computer room, and a quiet area in the back with cribs, changing tables and restrooms.

First time users of KidSpot are required to pay a one-time registration fee of $20 per family, then the cost is $5.75/hr per child, $9.50/hr for two children, and $12.60/hr for three kids. KidSpot also offers Moms’ Morning Out programs for three hours, one day a week for about $55/month/per child. Two days a week for one child is around $90. And you can always pay an additional $4 for a fourth hour of Moms’ Morning Out.

KidSpot is open M-Th from 9 am to 10 pm; Fri and Sat from 9 am to Midnight; and they are closed on Sundays. They are also recommended by the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County school system on inclement weather days. For more information, you can call them at 336-760-2585, or visit KidSpot online.

Bizi Kids
Bizi Kids is a great resource as well, for many of the reasons Katie listed above. I feel comfortable leaving my children there and I definitely feel that they are safe and well taken care of. It has been a tremendous help to me personally, because I used to use babysitters when I tutored in the afternoons. It was always such a problem when a sitter would cancel and then I would have to call three different families to cancel my tutoring sessions as well. With Bizi Kids, you do not need to schedule a time to drop off your children, so if you have a last minute appointment, they are always there for you.

Bizi Kids is located on the corner Robinhood Road and Peace Haven. It is run by Charlotte and Audrey Eggers, who have been friends of my husband’s family for many years. The staff there is very energetic and creative. The children always seem to be well-behaved and under control, all while having fun. My children are three and five-years-old, and often beg to go to Bizi Kids! Jake says his favorite things to do there are go down the slide and play on the computer. Anna says her favorite things are riding around on the tricycle and doing art projects. They do give the children snacks, or you are welcome to send any specific food along with your child. Bizi Kids also has a security system in place.

Children must be between the ages of one and 11. Hourly rates are as follows: One Child: $8 per hour; Two Children: $13 per hour; Three Children: $18 per hour. The best deal is to buy a prepaid package. Rates drop dramatically when you purchase hours in a bundle pack. Rates for packages are as follows:

One Child
8 hours = $60 ($7.50 per hour)
12 hours = $87 ($7.25 per hour)
16 hours = $112 ($7.00 per hour)
20 hours = $130 ($6.50 per hour)

Two Children
8 hours = $100 ($12.50 per hour)
12 hours = $147 ($12.25 per hour)
16 hours = $192 ($12.00 per hour)
20 hours = $230 ($11.50 per hour)

Hours of operation are Monday-Thursday: 8:30am - 7:00pm; Friday: 8:30am - 11:00pm; Saturday: 1:00pm - 11:00pm; Sunday: Open for birthday parties only. *If you plan to use Bizi Kids after 7pm on a weekend, make sure you call in advance to make a reservation. You can visit Bizi Kids in Winston-Salem online or call 336-765-1136 to get more information.

There is also a Greensboro location. Check out Bizi Kids in Greensboro online, or call 336-288-2004 for more information.

The reviews above are just our opinions. If you have information to share about these businesses, please leave a comment below. Again, the comments are what make TriadSmartyPants a resource we can all use!


Monica Winter said...

I've used Kidspot regularly for the last 6 years. They are terrific and my girls enjoy playing there. The play area is huge with lots of toys, they have a large TV for playing videos and they have a computer room for older kids.

Cindy W said...

I have never used either of these, but I am glad to hear that other Smarty Moms have used these. I will give them a shot!

Rachel H said...

Update: BiziKidz in Winston is now run by KidSpot. The Greensboro BiziKidz is still available.

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