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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Holiday Tipping Guidelines

Previously Written By Jen B, Co-Founding Mommy, CharlotteSmartyPants

As if you did not have enough family and children to buy for this holiday season, you also need to be thinking about holiday tips. I LOVE the holidays but it's almost too much to keep up with! Who gets how much? We turned to CNN Money and Kiplingers to find out what they say is appropriate for holiday tipping. (click on link to see their full articles). Here's what we found:

Babysitter: 1 evenings pay (2 if she is great) + small gift from child
Nanny: up to 1 week's pay + small gift from child
Daycare provider: $20-70 each + small gift from child (this is in line with what I do at my daycare)
Teachers: Gift or contribute to class gift, see our post from earlier this week
Coaches, tutors, etc: Small gift from child
Housekeeper: 1 week's pay or more
Trash Collector: $15-20 each (I have never done this, please comment below if you do)
Hairdresser: Cost of 1 cut if you go frequently
Mailman: They are not allowed to take cash but you can do a gift up to $20 value.
Paper Carrier: $15-25 (I make sure to tip mine because he comes down my long driveway!)

Want more info? Try this list from Martha Stewart or a list from the queen bee of etiquette Emily Post.

All of these are national figures, do you think they are high or low? How much do YOU tip? Do you think these are right? Please comment below!


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