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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Smarty Alert: Be Cool to Your School

By Katie M

If you're someone who cannot say enough good things about your child's preschool, then you need to air some of that applause here on Triad Smarty Pants. We will compile a list of all the "smarty-approved" preschools around the Triad, and publish it as a blog prior to preschool registration (early February). As part of the school's listing in the blog, we will include one to three sentences from you as to why your preschool is so wonderful - and give you credit for that claim. (We won't list your full name, but will list it as we do with most of our guest bloggers, ie: "By Katie M"). The listing will also include the full name of the preschool, its address, phone number and its web site address (if applicable).

Not only is this a fun way to be cool to your school, but it's also an opportunity for your preschool to promote itself on Triad Smarty Pants (for free!). Please email us here a few sentences about your school (be sure to include the full name, address, phone number and web address of the school) by January 8 for consideration.


Marcia Leonard said...

Rehobeth Preschool! I love the teachers and the school! My oldest went there and my youngest is in her last year. They are just a great group and the kids come out of there more than prepared for Kindergarden.

Marcia Leonard said...

Maybe I should go back to preschool or learn to preview before posting a comment since I can't spell today!!

Anonymous said...

I thought I would give a shout out to my favorite Preschool. CLEMMONS FIRST BAPTIST PRESCHOOL has some caring, wonderful, and smart teachers that work with your child. Along with fun activities, learning, and teaching good morals and values, my kids have benefitted well. It has a low student teacher ratio. It's also very reasonably priced. It has the option of 1,2,or 3 days for toddlers(2), and 3 day 3's, 4 year olds along with a 4 day 4's, and a 4 day readiness class. My daughter started kindergarten this year after completing the 3 day 4's class and was ahead of the game when she entered school. She still has the craving to learn and has done extremely well. My son is in the 3 day 3's and loves learning, and playing with his friends. He looks forward to going to school. I will miss this school when my son finishes. I have truely enjoyed watching my kids grow in their experiences at CLEMMONS FIRST BAPTIST PRESCHOOL.

Katie M said...

To anonymous above, we'd love to use your comment in our upcoming blog. Can you please tell us your first name and last initial?

Gray said...

GREAT BIG KUDOS for First Babtist Church Children's Center in downtown Winston Salem. Their 5 Star facility is fabulous (roomy, clean, nice playground, fantastic supplies). The staff is even better! Sometimes I think that my daughter loves her teachers more than she loves me. :) The curriculum that is used teaches my daughter more than I could have ever dreamed of teaching her! I know that I made a great choice when I chose to send her to First Babtist!

Laura C said...

I have been with Temple Emanuel Preschool for 7 years (the last 3 years as a staff member). I initially chose the prechool because of the small classes and the educational philosphy of children learning through play. I have remained here because of the loving and caring environment for my children and the unexpected bonus of feeling that we've all gained a family, not just a preschool.

Rebecca Seeber said...

OUR LADY OF MERCY PREK is a fantastic place where children learn and grow in a loving and supportive environment. Mrs. Cancro builds a unique bond with each child and teaches them to be better listeners, good citizens, caring friends, and still manages to prepare them for Kindergarten! Children learn colors, counting, letter recognition, letter formation, and letter-sound associations through a variety of hands-on experiences. The PreK teachers make sure to welcome you each day and make sure you and your child feel special. At Our Lady of Mercy, you are family and you feel the genuine warmth and compassion from all the staff. Another great feature about the class is the availability of a 5 day half day program, lunch bunch hour, and a full school day option. I have 2 children at the school and have been there for 3 years. I truly cannot wait to send my last 2 children for this wonderful experience. It really says something about a school when all of your children are excited to go into a class and hug the teacher with enthusiasm, not just those in the class!

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School
1730 Link Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27103

Anonymous said...

CEC in Greensboro is a wonderful school with opportunities for children ages 3 months through 6 years. The teachers are very caring and supportive of all their students. This school really has children in their best interest!

~ Beth said...

I must give a shout out to NEW PHILADELPHIA PRESCHOOL. Not only is their curriculum outstanding and well rounded, their staff goes above and beyond for the children again and again and again. My daughter's years at NEW PHILADELPHIA PRESCHOOL have been outstanding, and I frequently recommend this preschool to my friends.

Cynthia W said...

Mt. Tabor Preschool prepares children both academically and socially for the current demands of kindergarten. Teachers have found a great balance of promoting independence while still providing assistance as needed. They are approachable and nurturing and make learning fun. My older son thoroughly enjoyed his preschool days there. My younger son (in 3's 3x/week) is so ready to go to school that he barely says goodbye and never looks back as he walks into school with a smile and a sense of determination. :)

Anonymous said...

Our family LOVES Reynolda Preschool in Winston-Salem! It's got small classes, caring and open teachers, and offers wonderful opportunities for all ages. There is music, movement, art, and bible story time. They care about the whole family.

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