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Friday, January 22, 2010

Smarty Approved Preschools

By Katie M

Wow! We smarties love our preschools! Thank you so much for all the wonderful nominations! We recently did a call-out to all our readers to submit their favorite preschools and to tell us why they love them. The response was incredible! With preschool registration just around the corner, this makes for a great blog. If you are a parent looking for a preschool in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, or High Point, check this list before you do any other research. Every school below comes with high ranks from our readers making them "smarty-approved."

We will keep this information archived on our site indefinitely under the "Preschool" category on the left-side of our page. Feel free to add any other nominations below in our comment section. And, if by chance, any information below is inaccurate, please email us here immediately so we can correct it.

Thanks again, loyal readers! In no particular order, the nominations for "smarty approved" preschools are...


The Early Childhood Center
I love the Early Childhood Center ("ECC" as it is known around town) for several reasons: First and foremost, the center is consistently rated a 5-star center! The teachers and administrators are kind and loving with the children and prepare them well for entry into kindergarten. They follow the "Conscious Discipline" model of handling behavior. I am constantly impressed with the way they lead and manage the children. I have learned a lot from them - especially when I had a two-year-old on my hands! The center is open year-round and offers half-day, full-day, and after-school programs. This is very convenient, as it provides flexibility for parents whose schedules may be changing. The center is affiliated with West Market Street United Methodist Church, though the preschool is managed as a separate non-profit entity. Essentially, this means that children are in a loving Christian environment overseen by a church that wants to offer quality childcare in downtown Greensboro. - Leslie M.
312 West Friendly Avenue, 27401
(336) 378-6093

Our Children's House Preschool
We love Our Children's House Preschool in Greensboro because the philosophy there is so child centered and a follows multi-age concept, that it feels like the children are in their "home away from home"! - Kim M.
1105 Magnolia Street
Greensboro, NC 27401-1425
(336) 272-8882

Weekday Preschool Center at First Presybterian Church
We LOVE the Weekday Preschool Center at First Presbyterian Church in Greensboro. They have a wonderful director, and caring, educated, experienced teachers who provide fun, developmentally appropriate learning experiences in a warm & happy environment. Chapel, Kindermusik, an art teacher & art room, and visits to the church's children's library are all part of the program. They constantly strive to be the best they can be for our children. - Jennifer K
617 N. Elm Street
Greensboro, NC 27401
(336) 478-4771

Starmount Presbyterian Church Preschool
Both my kids have loved attending Starmount Preschool. Every teacher is so warm and loving! My 1st grader still talks fondly about "her old school" and my three year old asks every morning, "I get to go to school today, Mom?" - Emily H.
3501 W. Market St.
Greensboro, NC 27403
(336) 299-3564

St. Francis Day School
My children (3 yo and 20 mos) attend St. Francis Day School, and we have been so thrilled with the experience. The teachers are wonderful and caring, and my daughter (3) especially loves art classes with Ms. Sharon. The director, Rae Augustin, has done a fantastic job of creating a quality school experience to help them prepare for elementary school. - Lesley C (Additional nominations came from Kathleen I and Midge S)
3506 Lawndale Drive
Greensboro, NC 27408-2839
(336) 288-4740

Centenary Weekday School
Centenary Weekday School is cozy program that offers children a wonderful environment to grow, learn,sing, play and make friends. The caring, experienced staff foster children's imaginations and also have them well-prepared for starting elementary school. – Laura E
2300 W. Friendly Ave
Greensboro, North Carolina 27403
Please Debbie Robinson, Director at (336) 292-7515 for further information.

The Early Childhood Engagement Center of Temple Emanuel
Greensboro, NC
This is a new pre-school that offers a Reggio Emilia inspired program for children ages 2 – 5. We are currently enrolling children in three and five day programs for the fall. For more information, please contact Louise Van Schaack @ 292-7899 or


Reynolda Presbyterian Preschool
I cannot say enough about Reynolda Presbyterian Pre School. I have had 4 children attend and wouldn't trade those memories for anything. The school has a warm loving enviroment which is top on my list. My children go on a regular Tuesday/ Thursday schedule, but they offer the flexibilty if there is available room in the class, to do drop off on other days and pay a daily fee. The director, Emily Wagner is top notch and the teachers are the best. The thing I love most about Reynolda is the Biblically based curriculum. My daughters are coming home with a new verse a month, pledge of allegience, learning to write their name.. i could go on and on!! – Beth W (Additional nominations came from Laura B, Tara B, and Molly K)
2200 Reynolda Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27106
(336) 723-0716

Burkhead United Methodist Church Preschool
Burkhead United Methodist Church Preschool is a well kept secret located at Silas Creek and Pensby in Sherwood Forest, right beside Epiphany. My 2 youngest sons attended and still attend this warm, caring, fun, loving and developmentally appropriate preschool for ages 12 months- Readiness. The teachers are fun, warm and loving. There are always sounds of laughter and joy and colorful art displays as you walk the hall. Although the rooms may be small the learning is BIG! The smaller class sizes (number of children in a class) are a plus too. - Sue Ellen B (Additional nomination by Leigh S) Burkhead is also a Smarty Sponsor! Read more about this wonderful school here.
5250 Silas Creek Pkway
Winston-Salem, NC 27106
(336) 765-6590

Clemmons Moravian Preschool
My son attends Clemmons Moravian Preschool. I truly believe you cannot appreciate the greatness of the school during a tour. This year is a transition year for the school; their "normal" building has been torn down and is being renovated, and this year classes are being held at Centenary United Methodist Church, a few miles from the original site. All the teachers participate in the drop-off/pick-up process; they all know my son by name and tell him they've missed seeing his face in the hallway if he's been sick (It is not a small operation, either. There is more than one class of MMO, 2s, 3s, and 4s, as well as one readiness class. That's a lot of kids to know!). The director, Edna Harding, is fabulous and knows all the students and their parents by name. My son has had excellent teachers his two years at the school. His teachers went above and beyond this holiday season: due to the current facility, the school could not hold it's annual Christmas program. They made the parents a video of each child talking about the holidays, classroom time, and music class. It is an instant keepsake we will always treasure. - Sara M
PO Box 730
Clemmons, NC 27012
Regular Location:
3560 Spangenberg Ave
Clemmons, NC 27012
Current Location:
5280 Hampton Road
Clemmons, NC 27012
(336) 766-4460

Clemmons First Baptist Preschool
Clemmons First Baptist Preschool has some caring, wonderful, and smart teachers that work with your child. Along with fun activities, learning, and teaching good morals and values, my kids have benefitted well. It has a low student teacher ratio. It's also very reasonably priced. It has the option of 1,2,or 3 days for toddlers(2), and 3 day 3's, 4 year olds along with a 4 day 4's, and a 4 day readiness class. My daughter started kindergarten this year after completing the 3 day 4's class and was ahead of the game when she entered school. She still has the craving to learn and has done extremely well. My son is in the 3 day 3's and loves learning, and playing with his friends. He looks forward to going to school. I will miss this school when my son finishes. I have truely enjoyed watching my kids grow in their experiences at CLEMMONS FIRST BAPTIST PRESCHOOL. – Anonymous
3530 Clemmons Road
Clemmons, NC 27012-8726
(336) 766-1335

New Philadelphia Moravian Preschool
I love this preschool. This is my daughter's third year and we have been very pleased throughout our experience. Their class ages range from infants 3 months and up and span up to a kindergarten readiness class. I love the fact that all the teachers and administrative staff are great, they have a drop off and pick up line so you have to walk in, the playground is shady and the children get regular exposure to exercise, art, spanish and music. - Kim C (Additional nominations came from Marybeth B, Angela Smith, and Beth)
4440 Country Club Road
Winston Salem, NC 27104
(336) 768-4844

Little Stars Preschool
Little Stars preschool is my daughters' home away from home. They adore their teachers and receive love and structured learning each and every day. Since starting there, my girls have taken great strides in their independence. I especially appreciate how the teachers emphasize Christ in everything they do. Any child who is fortunate to be part of the "Little Stars family" is blessed indeed!!! –Jenna G
1355 Jonestown Rd.
Winston-Salem, NC 27103
(336) 306-5475

Mt. Tabor United Methodist Preschool
Our daughter has gone to Mt. Tabor for 4 years. We actually moved her this year to another Preschool so she would be attending Kindergarten with some friends from the new Preschool but after two months moved her back to Mt. Tabor. There was no comparison to how Mt. Tabor loves, disciplines, teaches - academically & Biblically the children. You can see everyday what the children are learning and how happy they are. The director & staff are outstanding and they know all of the students by name. I could go on & on about how great this school is... – J, T & E.C (Additional nominations came from Holly H, and Cynthia W)
3542 Robinhood Rd
Winston Salem, NC 27106
(336) 760-2326

Messiah Moravian Preschool
Messiah Moravian Preschool is a close knit community of families. The teachers are loving and truly care about the child. Not just their development but their hearts as well. It is a safe and nurturing Christian environment where I happily drop off my 5 year old twins four days a week. The staff is committed to growing each child individually into the person God is creating them to be. The school has a music program, creature teacher, spanish and stretch n grow each month. We are blessed to have an active family group, called FAM, that organizes activities such as Fall Carnival, Breakfast with Santa, Easter Egg Hunt, Cookie Swaps, and more. At Christmastime the children participate in the Moravian tradition of a lovefeast with the Messiah Moravian congregation. Classes begin at 12 months to readiness classes. The school will be hosting informational sessions on January 20,27 at 10am and February 10,17 at 10am. Registration for new families will begin March 1. We love our preschool family and know our children are learning and growing into wonderful little people! - Sally T (Additional nomination came from Becky J)
1401 N. Peace Haven Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27104
(336) 765-5652
Email address is

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School
Our Lady of Mercy PreK is a fantastic place where children learn and grow in a loving and supportive environment. Mrs. Cancro builds a unique bond with each child and teaches them to be better listeners, good citizens, caring friends, and still manages to prepare them for Kindergarten! Children learn colors, counting, letter recognition, letter formation, and letter-sound associations through a variety of hands-on experiences. At Our Lady of Mercy, you are family and you feel the genuine warmth and compassion from all the staff. I have 2 children at the school and have been there for 3 years. I truly cannot wait to send my last 2 children for this wonderful experience. – Rebecca S
1730 Link Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27103
(336) 722-7204

Montessori School of Winston-Salem
I am a mother of 2 year old twins and my kids attend the Montessori School of Winston-Salem (though it is located in Clemmons). They started here at 18 months of age and I cannot say enough wonderful things about the school! All of the wonderful things that I cherish about the school are as a result of the Montessori philosophy of education, which emphasizes each child having freedom to explore ideas and concepts that are of most interest to them. Montessori also emphasizes teaching children in such a way that they can become part of the environment that surrounds them. An example of this is seen in the preschool classrooms in which many of the activities provided include sweeping the floors, cleaning the windows, pouring beans into containers, crumbing the tables, etc. While as I wrote these things I automatically thought that I am making the school sound like a school to turn children into houseworkers, but it’s not at all like that. If any of you have toddlers or remember what toddlers are like, they absolutely LOVE to participate in the activities that they see the adults doing in the house. Also, activities such as pouring beans and crumbing tables develop hand and eye coordination that so many additional skills will build upon as the children age. What you won’t see in Montessori classrooms are electronic toys that light up and give feedback to the child following every button press. Instead the kids learn how to complete tasks through trial and error and feedback experienced by themselves and given by the teachers. The facilities are wonderful and new, plenty of outdoor space for the kids to run and explore in, and the teachers there are just fantastic! Plus, there are multiple hand washing sinks in each classroom at the exact height for a toddler, which I mention because I credit this for keeping our kids healthy this year. Since we have begun school there (Aug. 2009), we haven’t made a single sick visit to the doctor or missed one day of school because of illness! Erin S, Ph. D.
6050 Holder Road
Clemmons, NC 27012
(336) 766-5550

Knollwood Baptist Preschool
Knollwood Baptist Preschool is a fantastic Preschool! My first son went all the way through and my second son is halfway through. The teachers are all wonderful and truly care about the kids. It's a wonderful place for fun and learning!! - Laura S
(Additional nominations came from Kelly G and Ashleigh P)
330 Knollwood Street
Winston Salem, NC 27104-4198
(336) 724-6676

Maple Springs Preschool
Maple Springs Preschool at Maple Springs UMC is awesome! As a new mom, I was worried about taking my son to a preschool but I have had no concerns about him while he is at Maple Springs. The entire school has a very nurturing atmosphere. The teachers are wonderful - very competent and so loving! The individual classes (infants thru readiness) always seem to be doing a fun activity and the facility is top-notch. - Shannon H
2569 Reynolda Road
(336) 722-7563

The Special Children's School
The Special Children's School is an outstanding environment for ALL children. It's a inclusion program for children with special needs as well as children who are developing typically. My oldest 'graduated' almost 4 years ago and my youngest is currently enrolled. Not only are the children academically and socially prepared for kindergarten, but they are given the opportunity to live, love, and learn with children of all abilities-- as it should be! LOVE IT. - Chanel J (Additional nomination came from Sarah H)
4505 Shattalon Dr.
Winston Salem, NC 27106
(336) 924-9309

St. Paul’s Preschool
I'd like to nominate St Paul's Preschool as a Triad Smarty Pants approved school. I taught there for two years and have had my kids there for the past 4 years. It's an excellent school, in a beautiful building with huge sunny windows and wonderfully comfortable, fun-filled classrooms. It's run by an incredible director that puts the children first in everything she does. We've loved every minute at SPP and would recommend it to anyone and everyone! Thanks for the forum to recommend wonderful schools, there's no more important decision for a new mom than where to send your kids to preschool. I know I had to visit every school in Winston in order to decide! - Wendy R
520 Summit Street
Winston Salem, NC 27101-1195
(336) 723-4395

St. Leo’s Preschool
I currently have my second child at St. Leo's preschool. Mrs. Wilson is a fantastic teacher! She is always so happy and the children pick up her great enthusiasm. The philosophy of the program is based on developing positive self-concepts through a foundation of faith and the discovery of each child's special gifts and talents. Not only do they work on kindergarden readiness skills, but the children also bring home some amazing keepsake crafts. They receive a prayer partner from the "big school" who meets and plays with them on the playground throughout the school year. The children are exposed to Spanish, music and PE on the main campus of the school so transition to Kindergarden is a snap! - Leslie S
333 Springdale Avenue
(336) 748-8252

Pine Grove Weekday School
We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our boys' preschool!!! It's a church-related, morning-only program with the option for Lunch Bunch, They've both been there since they were in the PMO (Parents' Morning Out) room as infants, and one will graduate from there this May. The teachers there -- every one of them -- are kind, love on my boys as if they were their own, give them fantastic snuggles and hugs, correct them gently when necessary, and overall just have true hearts for the children. Extras like movement class, Spanish, and music are included in the tuition (not extra), so we don't have to try to decide if it fits our budget. It says a whole lot when your kids hear they are going to school in the morning and race to put their shoes and coats on, cheering all the way! – Kristin R
1130 Jonestown Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27103
(336) 765-4694
They do not have a web address

Ardmore Baptist Church Weekday Early Education Program
I can not say enough about my 2.5 year old daughters experience at Ardmore. The staff is creative, educational and bring so much joy to my little girl…she adores her teachers. In addition, it has one of the most sanitary environments and my child rarely has the “preschool sicknesses” I hear from other mothers. – Ashli N
501 Miller Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27103
(336) 725-8767

Centenary Child Care Center
I can’t say enough nice things about Centenary – they have great teachers and staff who are patient, kind and supportive – and who really love children. The place is spic and span – seriously so clean you could eat off the floors. And convenient – I pop in there from time to time to eat lunch with my kids. If you are looking for a full time day care look no further. Although I think they now offer ½ per-k. – Jennifer C
646 W 5th St
Winston-Salem, NC 27101
(336) 723-0189

First Baptist Church Children's Center
My husband and I both adore the pre-school our son attends - First Baptist Church Children's Center. This is the second daycare he's attended and they win hands down. Every single member of the staff is loving and knows him by name. They all were excited when he started walking into daycare and cheered him on. The school is so clean and they provide wonderful meals. They also work in conjunction with the church to provide parenting classes. I could go on forever about how wonderful they are. Everyone should be so blessed to have somewhere like FBCCC. - Mary H (Additional nomination came from Gray)
501 W. Fifth Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27101
(336) 723-7071
Director: Shawn Martin

St. John’s Lutheran School
Our 3 year old son is in preschool at St. John’s Lutheran School (preschool-8th grade). We (and he) love his preschool! The preschool and pre-K director, Brandi Lovejoy, is doing an outstanding job of running a high quality program. We have been impressed with so many things, but the director and staff are absolutely at the top of that list! There is always clear communication about what the children have done and will be doing. If any challenges arise, the lines of communication are always open and the staff wants to help you work through those challenges with your child. There is a very good balance of structured activities versus free play (a hot topic for many folks and I believe Dr. Satterwhite had a post on your blog about the value of play…a post that I loved), something that is so important developmentally. The Christ-centered education has been a true blessing for us as well.

The preschool and pre-K children each have a partner from an older grade (preschoolers get a 3rd grade partner). Each child sits with his/her partner at Chapel on Wednesdays. Additionally, they spend about an hour one day a week doing an activity (craft, game, etc.) with their partner. Our son loves to tell us all about what he did with his partner. It’s such a thrill for a 3 year old to know someone in the 3rd grade. I’ve seen my son’s partner in the hall occasionally and he always makes a point to acknowledge us. What a boost to the ego that is for a 3 year old!

St. John’s uses an online system called Fast Direct for communicating with parents. The system is great for communicating event information to a broad audience, send out reminders about needs for the Thanksgiving Feast of Christmas parties, etc. This has been a wonderful thing for us as we both work full-time. My husband typically drops our son off in the morning and I pick him up in the afternoon. I rarely cross paths with our son’s lead teacher since her day ends before I arrive at pickup. The Fast Direct system has been an asset in helping us to communicate. There have been a few questions I’ve had or things she noticed that we were able to communicate about through that system. There are parent-teacher conferences throughout the year and I certainly feel comfortable speaking with his teachers, but sometimes I have just a few questions and don’t need to ask face-to-face.

St. John’s offers great flexibility in terms of your child’s “day”. The tuition and hours are different depending on which type of “day” your child has (half-day, school-day, full-day). They do have a cafeteria and meals and snacks are included in tuition for those children whose “day” includes lunchtime and snack-time.

St. John’s is absolutely “smarty-approved” and deserves recognition! – April B
2415 Silas Creek Parkway
Winston-Salem, NC 27103
(336) 725-1652

Temple Emanuel Preschool
I have been with Temple Emanuel Preschool for 7 years (the last 3 years as a staff member). I initially chose the prechool because of the small classes and the educational philosphy of children learning through play. I have remained here because of the loving and caring environment for my children and the unexpected bonus of feeling that we've all gained a family, not just a preschool. – Laura C
201 Oakwood Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27103
(336) 722-6640

High Point

Child Enrichment at First United Methodist Church
My son is 6 months old and attends Child Enrichment at First United Methodist Church in High Point. This is actually where I went to preschool when I was a little one! Even though my son is young, he loves going to school and interacting with other children and the teachers for a few hours a week. They also do lots of things for parents to be involved with, for example, we had a Thanksgiving lunch where all the kids did a little program for the parents and grandparents and then the school cooked turkey and parents brought a side dish. They do lots of these activities throughout the year for parents to be involved with teachers and other parents. They also have a fire truck come and visit, as well as, a person that brings various animals throughout the year for the children to see and maybe interact with! - Ashley W
512 North Main Street
High Point, NC 27260-5086
(336) 889-3103
Director: Kim Myers

Laurel Oak Children's Center
Laurel Oak Children's Center: A wonderful daycare center that our son began attending when he was just 4 months old. It is a local family run center, and they also do an afterschool program at a neighboring church. We were happy with the childcare and the center has installed webcams you can access from your computer at work!!! I loved it! – Jayna P
1004 Old Plank Rd
High Point, NC 27265-9247
(336) 885-5622

Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church Through-the-Week School
I believe they are a half day program that accepts children as young as 6 weeks. I had looked into the program for my children, but because they were only a half day program it did not work for us. - Jayna P
1225 Chestnut Drive
High Point, NC 27262-4666
(336) 884-8067

We also received the following submission below, but did not receive an address or any other information - and could not find it online. Marcia or anyone who knows, please let us know where this school is located and its web address!

Rehobeth Preschool
I love the teachers and the school! My oldest went there and my youngest is in her last year. They are just a great group and the kids come out of there more than prepared for Kindergarden. - Marcia L


Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Oh how I wish I had this list back when I was moving here and needed a pre-school for our son. He attended Sedgefield Presbyterian and loved it and we were very happy there. Finding it was the hard part when we were not familiar with the area. Your list will be so valuable to lots of other Mom out there!

Anonymous said...

Could not agree more about the ECC in Greensboro. My children LOVE it there and they are like family to us.

Anonymous said...

It'd be great if there were more full day daycares included in the list. 90% of these look like half day programs. It's a nice list but isn't too helpful if you work full time.

Katie M said...

To anonymous above, you have a great idea for another blog! We can certainly do a similar call-out to readers to nominate their favorite day care centers, and run a blog on it in the future. I know a lot of moms who ask about day care centers locally and can never find trusted referrals. Thanks for your idea.

R.J.M. said...

There are actually quite a few of the places listed that do offer FULL day preschool. I have heard wonderful things about St. John's and about First Assembly, and they are both full day.

Jen C said...

Centanary United is a full day 7am-6pm M-F. Its one of the best. And thank you so much for giving us this opportunity - as a transplant I wish I had this.

Jayna P. said...

Laurel Oak is a wonderful full time daycare in High Point that was mentioned in this blog. When you do run the daycare blog, I would be happy to provide more information about the school.

jennifer brakefield said...

So far away from you all but I just had to put my two-cents in: I live in Alabam and there are lots of wonderful MDO/preschool in my area. i want to say a special thanks to Mitchell's Place in Alabama it is a preschool that specializes in children with Autism. Our Hudson has been there half a year and i cant tell you the changes it has made. Thank you to all the staff and supporters you are changing lives! (Hudson's twin Harrison("neuro-typical") goes there also. It provides neuro-typical peers and the program has been wonderful for H&H! Just felt the need to post!!??

Anonymous said...

I am glad Jenn C likes Centenary in Winston. Unfortunately, we did not have a good experience there with our children and recently left. I would not feel comfortable recommending it to friends.

Anonymous said...

Fairview Moravian Preschool

Fairview is a small and very family oriented preschool. I have been to another much bigger preschool and liked it, but my daughter is shy and never did get comfortable there. Even after 2 years. Anyway we are back at Fairview now in the 3 year old class and she loves it. Her new teacher couldn't even tell she was shy. Sometimes smaller is better, it has definetly worked out for us.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the comment on Jenn C's review. I had a child at Centenary and withdrew after several issues came up. I would not feel comfortable recommending this daycare.

Anonymous said...

To add to the list...

Both of our children are at Salem Montessori School and we couldn't be happier. The teachers are amazing and the school is so small (4 classes) that everyone knows each other. The only downside that I can think of is that there is usually a waiting list because they can only accept a few number of kids each year. But really worth looking into.

Katie M said...

More info on Rehobeth United Methodist Preschool from Marcia A. Leonard...

4475 Rehobeth Church Road
Greensboro, NC 27406

They offer classes from 9-12 as follows:
2 years old – Tues & Thurs
3 years old – Mon, Wed, Fri
4 years old – choose 3 day (M,W,F) or 5 day

There is 1 class per age group.
They do arts & crafts around numbers, the alphabet, the months & days, and holidays. They have special programs and songs around some of the holidays. They have snack each day and sometimes have special snacks around what they are learning. For example, in the 4yr old class, they are going through the alphabet and each day is a snack for that letter. In the 3 year old class they will have a waffle day or make applesauce. The kids learn their address & phone number, how to tie shoes, to write, etc. My oldest was very prepared for Kindergarten and the Kindergarten assessment was a breeze for her. My youngest is currently in the 4 year old class.

Brandi L. said...

St. John's Lutheran

Just wanted to correct the phone number for St. John's Lutheran Preschool--725-1651. Also, our summer camp which offers flexible scheduling with weekly, daily, half day and full day rates will open registration on Feb. 15. All info./forms will be on our website at

Anonymous said...

Our family was not impressed with First Presbyterian in Greensboro and we wouldn't recommend it to anyone. There may be some good teachers there, but my child's teacher seemed to be burnt out and didn't have the right personality to be working with small children. We were also not impressed with the director. If you are looking for a high-quality preschool, there are numerous other good options in town such as New Garden Friends and Holy Trinity Day School.

Karen said...

My 3 year old attends the Creative Learning Center in Winston Salem on the edge of the UNCSA campus. It is an arts based 1/2 day preschool for children 18 mos. thru 5 yrs. It has been in continuous operation by the same director, Othella Johnson, since 1974. She bases her teachings on Reggio Emilio. The very best thing about this little school is that it is arts based and very old school (no mass produced crafts/coloring pages/worksheets-lots of construction paper, paint, glue, etc!) and is serving families of all cultures, religions, and socio economic backgrounds. The children get to walk to dance and art events at the UNCSA campus-the exposure to amazing arts is wonderful. Also, WFU sends their 3rd year med students to CLC for part of their pediatric rotation. If sending your child to a non-homogenous environment to play and learn is a priority for you, then look at this little school house. It is a gem, and I feel so lucky to have found it. It is open now for registration for the fall and the 2 summer camp weeks!

Anonymous said...

I have to say that we absolutely LOVE First Presbyterian Church Weekday Preschool and couldn't imagine anyone not having a fantastic experience there! The program constantly strives to have the highest standards for early education and most recently achieved NAEYC Accreditation!! The program is fully supported by the church and is filled with very loving and qualified teachers. I highly recommend everyone check out their webpage at and read more about this sweet program!!

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