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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Aerobed Sleep Tight for Kids

By Ashley H, Charlotte Smarty Pants

Our 2-year-old twins received the Aerobed Sleep Tight inflatable mattresses for kids this past Christmas and it’s such a super Smarty product that I had to sing my praises for all you traveling Smarty families. We recently took Cannon and Fallon’s cribs down and for now we just have their crib mattresses pushed together on the floor in their room (until we can find big boy/girl beds). While that works for home, we’ve been in a bind over finding something they can sleep in on the road for the holidays…enter the Aerobed!

This thing is a-w-e-s-o-m-e; it has a 50” x 25” sleep surface with a 4” surround cushion to keep kids from rolling off. It’s sturdy, inflates/deflates in seconds and comes with a thick fleece mattress pad for extra cushioning…the twins love love love this and have slept better than ever this holiday road trip! Retails for about $68 on Amazon.

So whether you have little ones just graduating out of pack-n-plays, or bigger kids, this product is designed to hold children up to 150 lbs and one I highly recommend!!

Have thoughts on the Aerobed or another sleep solution product for your little one, please share!


maythi said...

We have one of these as well (ours came from one step ahead, but looks pretty much the same) and we LOVE it!!It definitely is worth the $ if you travel with little ones. Our 5 year old is a little too big for it now, but our youngest will use it next. We got tons of use out of it and it held up great! I am not sure what we would have done without it!

kim said...

We also have one from One Step Ahead and it was also a lifesaver in hotels and vacation homes prior to our son moving to a big boy bed. Quick and easy to set up and take down in the rush of getting to bed while on the road and packing up to get out in the morning! We will be pulling it our shortly for our baby girl to use!

Ashley said...

We had one also! And yes, it was great. But, it got a hole in it and we had only had it a short while AND we did not keep a receipt!! So, hold on to what receipts you can!!

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