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Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Ultimate Beach Bag

By Katie M and Ashley H. of Charlotte Smarty Pants

Ashley ran this blog on CSP at the start of last summer and it was the perfect timing for Rachel and I. We were both in desperate need of a new beach bag, and we each got the Whale Bag - and it's the bomb! Not only is a great price (prices actually came down a few dollars this year), but it's also a PERFECT bag for the beach, the pool, and even weekend trips throughout the year. Besides the fact that it's a great size and incredibly sturdy, my favorite thing about this bag are the side pockets. It seems like every time I go to the beach or the pool, I wind up searching a bottomless bag for my children's sunglasses or our car keys - and this bag eliminates that frustration and helps keep everything in its place. If you are in need of a new bag, this is a must. Plus they are running specials on a couple of their bags this May. Keep reading! ...Katie

Thanks to one of our readers (Erin G.) for this super Smarty tip! If you are in the market for a great pool/beach bag it just might be the Saltwater Canvas bags! These are very roomy and sturdy bags that collapse easily for storage and have enough pockets for all the necessities (even a clip inside for keys). The waterproof mesh material lets sand sift out at the end of your day on the beach (I love a bag that allows me to leave the sand at the beach and not tote it home to Charlotte)!

These bags come in several sizes:
The Whale Bag- holds up to 6 beach towels with room for toys, sunscreen, books, etc. The oval shape is about 15" across & 15" tall with 8 pockets. Priced at $31.97

The Dolphin Bag- holds 2-3 beach towels with additional space for toys, etc. 12.5" wide & 14" tall with 5 pockets. Priced at $26.97.

The Pail Bag- large enough to fit a double beach towel along with other pool/beach needs. 12" w x 12" h, this fits perfectly into a locker. Contains four 8" pockets and one secret interior pocket. Priced at $24.97

Shower bags are also available for the gym rat or college student heading to school this Fall. The strap on the back allows for easy hang-up in the shower and dries quickly. Measures 6.25" w x 9" h. Priced at $14.97.

I personally LOVE the whale bag and think I need to invest in one this summer! For more information visit

Thanks for this Smarty recommendation, Erin, can't wait to try my own out in the sand this summer!

Do you have an ultimate beach bag recommendation of your own to share? Tell us about it. We love to hear from you!

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Rachel H said...

I have LOVED my bag! Totally agree with Katie that it is so much easier to find things! It is especially nice when the kids want their goggles and they don't dive into the bag getting everything all wet to find them. They can see everything in the outside pockets! Last year, Katie and I ordered ours together, because there was some sort of discount going on when you ordered two, so keep an eye out for sales!

Anonymous said...

Not to be a Negative Nellie, but I must be the only one who regrets buying this bag. The outside pockets are great for storing little things, unless the bag tilts over or you bend over to pick something up, at which time everything spills out. I tried putting velcro on the pockets to keep them closed, but the velcro won't stick to the bag. It's personal preference, but I prefer a bag that zips or snaps closed.

Rachel H said...

Anonymous, I wonder why your bag tilts over? Mine has never fallen over. Do you have a smaller size? The whale bags stands up nicely! You can always put a little zip pounch in the pockets, too, if you want them to keep something a little more secure.

Catherine said...

I have this bag! I think I got it the year before last. I have the dolphin size since I oly have one child. I swore I'd never give up my Land's End tote, but this trumped it!

Anonymous said...

I do not have the Whale Bag, but I agree it looks awesome.

However, last summer I bought the BlueQ Woodland Overnighter bag (see link below) and it is my all-time favorite bag. Althought it does not have the outer pockets, it's HUGE yet still ligtweight, easily carries 5-6 towels and all the other beach/pool stuff you need. The best part -- it is woven from 95% post-consumer waster (i.e. water bottles & other plastics like that)! So we are helping Mother Earth and also carrying a cool, functional bag. Check it out!

Julee N said...

Hey Katie and Rachel, do you remember how long it took you to get yours? I have a beach trip coming up very soon and I don't see anything on the site that tells what to expect for shipping times. Thanks!

Rachel H said...

Julee, I honestly do not remember at all. I'm sorry!

Ashley said...

Got my bag next year and TOTALLY LOVE IT!!

Julee N said...

I went ahead and ordered the bag. When you get to check out, you can see that the shipping is priority 2-3 days, for $5.00. I should be good for my trip! Also, the salsa color is $4.00 off right now.

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