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Thursday, August 6, 2009

August Smarty Giveaway: The Floor Nanny + Slipcover of Your Choice!

By Katie M

Attention moms: We have the deal for you! This month’s Give-Away features The Floor Nanny, a safe and portable cushion for your baby to rest, play and exercise while you take care of chores, your other children, or just take a break! It is perfect for any mom-to-be or mother of an infant or toddler – and it makes a fabulous gift!

It’s also a Triad-born product. Greensboro mompreneurs Annetta Bartle and Heidi Cox are life-long friends who dreamed of starting their own business. After the birth of their daughters Caroline and Lilly, they discovered the same need for a safe, portable place for their children. They stitched together the idea of The Floor Nanny with a variety of unique designs to fit any room décor or style – and after five years on the market – they have sold more than 5,000 Floor Nannies!

“The Floor Nanny has truly been a life saver for my family. Adjusting to parenthood has had many challenges, and our precious daughter has been a very hands-on, quality-time baby,” said Mandy O, a Triad mom. “Olivia loves to be held and there were many times when she would get so upset unless she was in someone’s arms. There were moments when we just needed a break from holding her. Then, we received the Floor Nanny as a gift from a family member. It was great because it allowed me to place her down in a safe, secure environment so that I could tackle some housework and still have her in the same room with me. And she loved it. If we needed the space again, it was easy to pick up the Nanny by the side handles and move it, or we usually just used those handles to hang the Nanny on the living room doorknob so that it was out of the way until Olivia was ready to play in it again. Even after she started crawling, she still enjoyed climbing in and out of the Floor Nanny to play with her toys.”

Liddy H, another Triad mom, has enjoyed The Floor Nanny through all stages of her daughter’s development. “When she was teeny, it was a great place for her to have a little tummy time or for her to recline while we showed her toys. When she started sitting up, it was a good place for us to let her sit during playtime because she would be cushioned well if she tipped over! Now that she's really mobile and on the go, the Floor Nanny gives her a nice cozy place to relax ... she likes to climb into the Floor Nanny and snuggle up with her blankets and her favorite books, or to lie back and watch some Noggin from time to time! I would definitely recommend the Floor Nanny to other moms based on our experience with it and how much my daughter has used and enjoyed it!”

Annetta and Heidi – and The Floor Nanny – have been featured across the country in news outlets like Nevada Women’s magazine,, American Baby, New York Post, Piedmont Parent, Arkansas Democrat Gazette, Detroit Free Press,, Sacrament Parent magazine, Greensboro News & Record, and Central Penn Parent.

The Floor Nanny retails for $74.99, and slip covers are sold separately for $28.99.

One lucky Smarty will have the chance to win one Floor Nanny with a complimentary slip cover of your choice! All you have to do is click here (this giveaway has now ended) to take a short survey and you’re registered. You must be a Triad Smarty Pants newsletter subscriber to enter, so be sure to sign up if you have yet to do so. This promotion ends at Noon on Thursday, August 13, and the winner will be announced on Sunday, August 16. Good luck!!

A quick note about our give-aways: Every winner is chosen by random. When you register, your name is assigned a number. At the end of the give-away, we check to see how many people register, then we enter that number into a website called and that site randomly selects our winner. Once we determine a winner, we cross check the name with our newsletter subscriber list. If the winner is not a newsletter subscriber, then we repeat the process until we find a winner who is a newsletter subscriber. We ask for your phone number when you register to be sure we can contact you (in case you don't check email regularly) for your photo and more information about yourself so that we can include that in our announcement. We like to announce the winner a few days after the give-away, so be sure to check your email or your phone messages! Thanks for participating in all our give-aways! Because of your support, we are able to sign on more businesses to participate in these wonderful give-aways!


Anonymous said...

This sure beats dragging blankets and pillows throughout the house on what ends up to still be hard, hardwoods.

Jane said...

Terrific idea! Best of luck to you ladies with this business. Love the choices of fabrics as well!

PDS said...

I am so impressed with all these moms who have these super ideas! This would be perfect for me as I am soon due with my fourth! I definitely need some kind of nanny to help me out!

candice said...

These are the best! What a fabulous idea. Do you make adult size? :)

Melanie said...

I think this is a perfect gift idea as well. I am always looking for something unique when I attend baby showers. This is an easy gift to give from myself or split with a friend.
Do you sell these in any local stores or just online?

Anonymous said...

That is such a neat thing for babies/toddlers!

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