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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Smarty Mom: Deborah Martin

By Rachel H

We found a Smarty of all Smarties when Deborah’s name was sent to us as a Smarty Mom nomination! I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her through our emails and I am thrilled to share her profile with you today. Deborah lives in High Point with her husband William, and her three children Will, Walt, and Bennett. Will is 4, Walt is 2, and Bennett just turned 9 weeks old. She is a busy woman!

Deborah was born and raised in High Point and has lived there all her life, with the exception of college and grad school. She taught high school for five years, opened her own Pilates studio, and is now a stay-at-home mom. Deborah’s Pilates studio is still in operation, and she currently works with clients in their own homes. She serves on the board of directors for Theater Art Gallery in High Point and is also a member of the Young Advocates Board for HP Regional Hospital.

Deborah makes it a priority to spend plenty of time with her children and her husband. She and William try to have date nights as often as possible. She loves to spend time with her sons by finding ways to expend energy and keep boredom at bay. She loves to exercise and help other moms find ways and time to do the same. She firmly believes that we moms must take care of ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually, in order to be the best we can be for our children.

Deborah is truly an inspiration, and I am delighted to share her Smarty wisdom with each of you …

It is obvious how important is it to you and your family to stay healthy. How can we teach our own children how important it is to eat healthy and stay active?
It’s difficult because our culture bombards them with unhealthy options and choices. Things that are bad for you look good and taste good, too. I try to come up with ways to make healthy foods look appealing and of course taste good. As far as staying active, with boys I have not had that problem, their energy at times seems very endless.

You are a great bargain hunter! Please share with us your best secrets to finding these deals.
Being patient is the key. Waiting for the item to go on sale and then making your purchase. I dislike paying full retail for anything. For clothing for my boys and even for my husband and I, it’s about shopping ahead for the next season. For example, I just bought bathing suits for next year at 70% off.

How are you able to balance home life, your Pilates sessions, and volunteer obligations?
My family comes first of course and then obligations outside the home. I am fortunate to have two sets of grandparents in High Point that are very involved in my children’s lives. The help they offer me gives me piece of mind when I am not with my children.

You have lived in High Point most of your life. What do you think is one thing the rest of the Triad should know about your area? High Point is a very multi-faceted town. We have up and coming North High Point with dining and shopping options galore. And then there is traditional downtown High Point where you find family owned and operated businesses that have been here for years. And … if you are looking for furniture or home accessory bargain, this is your town to visit.

What is your favorite family activity? Dance offs.

Favorite “me-time” activity? Running with my IPOD.

Favorite place to eat dinner as a family? Barberitos

Favortie date night spot? 1618 in Greensboro

Favorite book you have read? Anything by C.S Lewis

Best place to eat lunch with the kids? Mayberrys or Grateful Bread in High Point

Favorite park in the Triad? Radar Base Park

What has been your favorite or most helpful blog on Triad Smarty Pants thus far?
By far I have used the day trip guide this summer to bust boredom and save my sanity. The butterfly farm and Homeland Creamery were big hits!! And of course the weekend guides which include any information about upcoming sales.

Best thing about raising a family in the Triad?
The variety and closeness that all three cities have to offer. You can be in any of three in less than 20 minutes.

Funniest thing your kid(s) has ever said?
Well, my two year old calls dessert, bizerk which makes me laugh. My four year old once asked the clerk at Harris Teeter if she had taken a stinky that day and then proceeded to ask even more detailed questions after that. After turning six shades of red, we both burst into laughter.

Best kept secret in the Triad?
Habitat for Humanity Thrift Store on English Rd. in High Point. Showroom samples that are brand new show up there all the time as do, accessories, bedding and rugs. I once found a $500 lamp for $35!!!

Best birthday party you have attended?
It was not so much the party, but the mom had each child to bring a gently used toy from home for a local homeless shelter. We carpooled to the shelter delivered them to the director and then headed to a park for the rest of the party. Great idea!

I wish someone had told me sooner about... ultimate crib sheets and Dr. Praggers spinach pancakes.

I could not live without my... My Bible and my husband.

Oh...and I am a proud owner of a Minivan!!!!

Make sure you check out Deborah’s guest blog here. She gave us some terrific tips for starting the day with a healthy breakfast. Stay tuned for more guest blogs from Deborah as she gives us tips and recipes for healthy eating throughout the day!

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Julie said...

I enjoyed your guest blog the other week and have made the waffles twice already! Terrific ideas.

Ann M said...

I will have to check out the Habitat Thrift store you mentioned. I am all about a bargain!

Jayna P. said...

I enjoyed reading your answers- how talented you are! We too love Barberrito's- especially when kids eat free :-)

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