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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Crib Sheets Designed for Easy Washing

By Jenny D, Charlotte Smarty Pants

I am amazed by all of the new baby products that continue to be introduced to make mom’s life easier. When I was pregnant with Annie last year, a friend of mine gave me the Ultimate Crib Sheet. She told me that I couldn’t live without it. And she was right. I had never heard of it before and forgot what a pain it truly is to change crib sheets. (See photos - the first one is a closeup of snaps on Ultimate Crib Sheet. The second one is of Annie's Crib featuring the Ultimate Crib Sheet).

The Ultimate Crib Sheet is designed so that you don’t have to remove the bumper pad or mattress every time you need to wash your crib sheet. It fits a standard crib mattress by lying on top of your fitted sheet and snapping to the rails of your crib. It allows your decorative sheet to show on the sides of your crib, so you don’t have to sacrifice style for function. The Ultimate Crib Sheet is a sheet on top, padding in the middle and vinyl next to the mattress. It is comfortable and absorbent, and it can handle four cups of liquid. And best of all, you rarely, if ever, have to take your regular crib sheet off. I recommend getting two so when it comes time to wash, you can quickly unsnap and snap another one on. This product lists for $18.00, but unfortunately only comes in white.

I looked into two other options, but I don’t have any personal experience with the Sheet Saver or Clouds and Stars sheets.

The Sheet Saver costs a lot less, two for $13.99. This sheet does not have all of the features of the Ultimate Crib Sheet. It is a quilted cover that ties to crib rails. It does not have the finish of a sheet on top and is not waterproof which was the biggest complaint that I found when researching. But it can function as a quick changing pad and comes in various colors to match your current bedding.

Clouds and Stars offers Quick Zip sheets that snuggly fit your mattress, but allows you to unzip just the top panel of the sheet for washing. This product is intended to replace a crib sheet, not work with it like the Ultimate Crib Sheet and Sheet Saver. These sheets are easy to use, pretty, and the only option that is truly decorative. A Starter Set sells for $32.99 – 35.99 which includes the zipper base and zipper top. You can buy an extra zipper top, which is highly recommended for $17.50. From a look standpoint, Clouds and Stars sheets are the best of the three because you are not covering the top of your decorative sheet, and it comes in solid and gingham colors to match any décor. Clouds and Stars also offers Quick Zip Play Sheets, Twins Sheets and Mattress Pads in several sizes.

If you have any experience with any of these crib sheet options, please let us know.


RLR said...

I love the Ultimate Crib Sheet! We have 3, and I've used them with both of our children. Two would be plenty, except that when we moved our son to his toddler bed, I used one underneath the sheet just in case... I highly recommend these!

Deborah M. said...

I love these too, especailly at 3:00am! You are right white is the only color, but I did have mine monogramed in fairly large size font and that did make a big difference.

Maggie said...

I have the clouds and stars zip sheets and they are WONDERFUL! My sons crib has solid ends, so the ultimate crib sheet would not work. These sheets are well worth the price!

Sara said...

We have several of these sheets & don't know what life would be like without them! Needless to say, all my friends get these as shower gifts now. Our crib has solid ends and we just removed the end snaps. Now, I only have to remake my 2 year old son's crib about once a week because I layer 2 sheets with liners in between and then place an ultimate crib sheet on top! I just strip a layer off each time it gets soiled!

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