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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Smarty Summer Craft #5

By Guest Blogger Kristie T

Paper Mache Piggy Bank
paper mache paste (recipe below)
newspaper torn into strips
one balloon per piggy bank
a paper egg carton
acrylic or tempera paint
paint brushes
pipe cleaners
* Note: Please plan for about an hour to paper mache your pig and 1-2 days of drying before you paint your pig.

1. Make your paper mache paste using:
2 cups of cold water
1 1/2 to 1 3/4 cups of flour
1 tbsp salt
Place the flour in a large bowl and gradually add the water.
Mix using a wire whisk until the mixture looks like heavy cream.
2. Blow up a balloon for each child. (It's a good idea to give each child a small plastic bowl to "sit" the balloon in. This helps keep the balloon in one place as the child adds paper mache layers to it).
3. Dip individual strips of torn newspaper (about 1 inch wide) into the paper mache paste and place them on and around the balloon. Repeat this step until the balloon is completely covered with about 3 layers of newspaper.
Next it's time to add the snout and legs. Cut 5 separate egg compartments from your paper egg carton. Place one over the tie on the balloon for the snout and four (legs) at the base of your oval shaped pig. If you’d like you can also cut one egg compartment in half and use those as ears. Place each egg compartment on the pig and adhere them by using more strips of newspaper and the flour/water mixture.
Now it is time to dry it – find a place where no one will bother your pig. Outside is best if it is not too humid and it’s not going to rain!
4. When it is dry and hardened, use a sharp knife (adult only!) to cut a rectangular slot at the top of the pig through the layers of paper mache. Make sure you make it large enough to put coins and bills in it. This of course will pop the balloon. Remove the balloon through the hole.
5. Paint the piggy bank any color you choose with acrylic paint. After it is dry, draw or paint on eyes and ears (if you didn’t make them with the egg) compartments. Add a tail (curled pipe cleaner).
This is project takes a little longer than most to complete…but it is a great one for the summer when you want to get out of the heat for awhile!
Children love a place to keep their money safe and will be proud of their creation for years to come!


Monica said...

This is adorable!

Anonymous said...

i am trying it with cornstarch it dries quicker and it is stronger: 2 cups of cold water and 1 cup of cornstarch

Anonymous said...

then mix it on a metal bowl and put it on the stove until it looks like glue

Anonymous said...

or tacky glue

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