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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Review of Reusable Swim Diapers

By Dana D, Charlotte Smarty Pants

I hope you all are enjoying summer and some days at the pool or the beach. If you have little ones still in diapers, the pool or beach can be daunting especially when it comes to potty time. What is the best way to handle the mess? I wanted to recommend an easy way to help eliminate waste, Reusable swim diapers. I hope that many of you are already using them but for those of you who aren't, I will tell you about my favorite.

There are several options, I have even purchased a reusable swim diapers at Target last year. My absolute favorite though are the Imse Vimse swim diapers. They are lightweight and will not weigh your child down in the water. They have the cutest designs and even have adorable matching shirts for girls. We have the turquoise sea animal design and love it! They dry very quickly and don't soak up all the pool water along with the baby mess. That being said, they are not the most absorbent diaper but swim diapers aren't supposed to be absorbent they are just to contain messes. So do not forget your plastic diaper cover while at the pool. When in the yard or at the beach we don't use the plastic cover and have had no issues.

By using reusable swim diapers you will be doing your part for the environment and saving money by not buying those expensive disposable diapers. When using those I have only ended up with a mess instead of preventing one. Many pools also don't allow disposable because of the problems in containing the mess. Check out Wildflower Diapers for the Imse Vimse brand. Great prices and fab designs!

Have you tried these? Let us know what you think!


Summer said...

I have not tried that particular brand, but I did switch to a target re-usable this year for our youngest. I had huge Earth guilt, when I thought about how many disposables I had used with our first three kids!! The Target one has given me absolutely no problems. I bought two, and I pack a "wetbag" in my swim bag. It's just a vinyl zippered bag (think reusable ziploc!) The few times there has been a "mess" we have hardly missed a beat. Also.. two reusable swim diapers cost me less than one pack of disposables!!

Becca said...

I have used swim diapers similar to these over the past few years for my youngins. We got them at Babies R Us for about $6 a piece. I have not bought the cover, just the diaper. They are very easy to use and you just throw them in the washing machine. Nine times out of ten my kids never soil them. I have saved so much money.

RLR said...

I have used a combination of disposable and reusables with both of my kids. The reusables are far and away my favorites, for all of the reasons already mentioned. Plus, since you can just toss them in the laundry with swimwear or towels, there's no extra laundry.

Maythi said...

I got some "Bummis" - I think that's what they are called - at O Baby in Winston-Salem and have loved them. And they are easier to get off than the sticky mess of a disposable swim diaper. Wish I had used them with my oldest too.

Anonymous said...

We used Bummis from Baby O too and they are awesome!! I think one was b/w $7-10. I bought 2 and that was all we ever needed!

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