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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Smarty Summer Craft #4

By Guest Blogger Summer R

How to make an adorable journal with bookmark!!

Composition notebook (you know the kind you used to write your boyfriend’s name all over with hearts)
Colored Duct tape
Xyron clear laminating film (or crystal clear contact paper) (optional but helpful)
30 inches of ribbon
cute buttons, charms or do-dad’s
Sharp X-acto knife, or utility knife
1 piece of child’s art work
1 piece of cute paper or fabric
Spray Glue


1. Have child bead approximately 2 inches of ribbon with beads and do-dads
2. Trim left edge of cover art to a straight line.
3. Apply glue to front of notebook, and as straight as you can apply art work.
4. Open notebook and use super sharp knife to trim excess art work. (don’t cut yourself!!)
5. Repeat for back cover
6. Retrieve ribbon book mark from child (who has most likely been lassoing a sibling with it!)
7. Match up ends of ribbon and tie and itty bitty little knot.
8. Use a small piece of tape to hold the edge of the ribbon in place along the black spine of the notebook, the end of the ribbon should be approximately 1 inch from the bottom of the book.
9. Wrap the ribbon inside the front cover of the book
10. Use the colored duct tape to tape a new “spine”. Make sure that 1/2 the tape is on the front and 1/2 is on the back.
11. (optional) Use the Clear Laminating film (or contact paper) to cover the entire book, wrap approximately 1 inch inside the front and back cover. Trim excess carefully so as not to cut ribbon. (guess how I learned that!)
12. Encourage child to write daily.


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