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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Smarty Dad: Edward Reese

By Rachel H
I am thrilled to profile another Smarty Dad today. Edward Reese was born and raised in the Triad and left only for his college years. He lives here with his wife, Juli, and his two children Elle (14) and E.P. (11).

Edward works full-time as a Police Sergeant for the Winston-Salem Police Department and is currently assigned to the Patrol Division. He spends quite a bit of time with his family, including coaching about every youth sport you can imagine! He considers himself a “baseball dad” and spends a great deal of time driving all over the southeast as his son plays travel baseball for three different teams. He is also his daughter’s number one fan as he watches her play high school volleyball. Edward enjoys photography, reading, biking at Salem Lake, and even cooking.

Edward just melted my heart when he said one of the best parts of his day is having long talks with his best friend, his wife, Juli. They always enjoy preparing dinner together while sharing their day’s events, planning for the days ahead, and laughing together.

I am so amazed by this Smarty Dad and am happy to share his answers with you …

You have recently taken up photography. Tell us more about this endeavor and how you got started with it.
Our family recently moved into a new home. We travel a lot, see awesome sites and meet interesting people. We decided to decorate the walls of our new home with pictures and artwork that are personable and conversation pieces. Photographing these moments seem like a wonderful idea to capture these memories and sharing them with people who visit our home.

My family has yet to really enter the wacky world of kids’ sports. I am absolutely amazed that you are able to be so involved with your children’s extra-curricular activities. What tips can you share for those of us who will soon be in your shoes?
Winning is great but should not be the main focus when your child starts playing sports. Building character, improving self- esteem and leadership skills is what you want your child to accomplish when the soccer match, volleyball game or tennis match is over. Always cheer and clap for every child. Your family will meet and establish friendships that can last a life time through youth sports so enjoy the adventure.

Working for the police department is no doubt a job that can drain you emotionally and physically. How are you able to leave your “work at work” and just be in the moment when you come home to your family?
My two children have never looked at me as a policeman, only as “daddy”. When I come home from work they ask, what’s for dinner, what are we doing this weekend or do you want to play catch? It’s hard to hide anything from my wife Juli. She has seen me cry, laugh and ask aloud, god why did this have to happen? She helps me wind down on tough work days which makes coming home a pleasure!

You have lived in the Triad most of your life. What do you think is the best kept secret in the area?
Definitely downtown Winston-Salem is the Triad’s best kept secret! The nightlife, shopping and variety of restaurants make downtown the place to be even on week nights. The opening of the baseball park and upper end condominiums will also increase downtown’s popularity.

What is your favorite family activity?
Spending our weekends at the baseball field while enjoying each others company, mingling with friends, sharing lunch and of course watching our kids play. The out- of- state tournaments are even better because grandparents and other family members sometimes make the trip with us, especially if it’s a beach tournament.

Favorite “me-time” activity?
Hands down, doing yard work. No cell phones, no refereeing disagreements between my teenager and pre-teenager: it’s just me and my lawn mower!

Favorite date night spot?
Our family room watching a $1 movie from a REDBOX. We can always rewind if we miss some of the movie.

Favorite place to eat dinner as a family?

Favorite thing to cook?
Always spaghetti. It’s simple, inexpensive and taste good as a leftover for your next day’s lunch….

What has been one of your favorite moments as a dad?
I have a tie. Seeing both my children excel in academics at such an early age. We never have to tell them to do homework or study. Also, my wife and I frequently get compliments from teachers and strangers about our children’s kindness, manners and overall good citizenship.

Funniest thing your children have ever said?
Daddy, can you and Mommy have us a little brother or sister so we can have someone else to play with!

Favorite park in the Triad?
Reynolds Park/Salem Lake area.
You have bicycling, swimming, golf, fishing and basketball all in the same area. You can even tour Old Salem or picnic in one of the many shelters.

The thing my wife does that I appreciate the most…
My wife let’s me think that I’m in charge.

Favorite activity on your day off?
Watching ESPN, Napping, Watching ESPN, Napping until the kids come home from school…

Best thing about raising a family in the Triad?
The kind people in the triad and having our immediate family nearby. People in the triad always waive and say, “Hello”! It’s always nice to feel welcomed.
We never worried about finding babysitters when the kids were younger and if Juli and I are busy, family members are easily accessible to pick-up our children.

I could not live without my...
Nightly telephone talks to my best friend Fred Evans each night about baseball and our families. His wife Yvette works for the WSFC School system as does my wife, Juli. His daughter Kristen and son Fredrick are the same ages as my two children and they are good friends. My wife says we gossip like teenage girls however, when I interrupt her from watching her favorite TV programs she quickly says, “don’t you need to call Fred or something”!

Edward, you truly are an extra-Smarty Dad and I think I speak for all of us when I say thank you for all you do to keep the people of Winston-Salem safe. We also offer our condolences for the loss of your fellow officer, Mickey Hutchens.

I have enjoyed sharing your answers with all of our readers today. Readers, if you know someone who would make a great Smarty Dad on TSP, email us at


Vanessa said...

Loved reading your answers this morning. You seem like a great Dad and husband. Thanks for all the smarty tips!

R.J.M. said...

Our condolences to the loss of your co-worker. Our prayers also go out to the family of Daniel Clark and we hope he is recovering quickly. I think we take for granted all that the police force does for us on a daily basis and often forget that you have families of your own as well. Thank you for sharing the "Dad" side of your life as well as the professional. You have a beautiful family.

Allison T said...

Edward - I absolutely loved reading your answers. My favorite was your answer to "what you couldn't live without" AND I laughed out loud to your wife's response when you interrupt her shows. LOVE IT! Thanks for all you do! We are lucky to have honorable people like you in our lives.

Anonymous said...

My wife let's me think I am in charge, too. Enjoyed this write-up!

MARK said...

2GMAILYou have truly found a great Smarty Dad. I know Ed and he is just an all around good guy. In this day most people let their success define them but Ed is truly defined by his family, he and his wife are a great couple. Yes Julie is in charge :-D.

Maythi said...

Loved this post. So nice to see wonderful Dads featured. Our thoughts and prayers are with the WSPD and their extended family. Thank you for your service to our community. It does not go unnoticed.

Emily said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with the WS police department and their families. I am currently a Greensboro resident, but was born in Winston and returned there after college for 8 years. Thanks for all you do to keep the community safe. You and your wife sound like an amazing couple who have done a wonderful job with your children.

Anonymous said...

Why arent you a detective anymore?

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