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Thursday, October 1, 2009

October Giveaway: $250 package from Zoe Zen Photography

By Rachel H and Guest Blogger Suellen Thompson

We are diving into the fall season with a terrific giveaway. Can you find a more beautiful time of the year for portraits than autumn? This month we are happy to introduce you to Zoe Lam of Zoe Zen Photography, who is giving away a package valued at $250 to one lucky Triad Smarty Pants reader. Her work is gorgeous, as you can tell by the photos above. Her website shows even more photography that captures personalities so perfectly.

One of our loyal readers, Suellen Thompson has used Zoe Zen quite a few times now and shared with us how much she truly values the talent that Zoe offers...

Suellen … Having professional photographs taken is like a form of serious torture for me. They feel so permanent. The effort and money that you put into them… I don’t know why, but it stresses me out beyond belief! I think it must be the pressure of finding the perfect outfits, because of course I want to find something for everyone that complements the others without being too over the top matchy. I search high and low for the most beautiful setting at this particular time of year. I prefer outdoor photos to indoor studio shots. Once the place has been selected I must pray for spectacular weather-not too hot, too cold, humid, please no rain or too cloudy. Then of course there is all the effort that I have to put into coordinating a time when it is convenient for everyone (especially my husband who will try to avoid having the photos taken at all costs)! We must avoid naptimes, mealtimes or the bewitching hour of 4-7pm for toddlers. Also there is me! I am not a prissy girl, but I really want to look great in the photos, so I work really hard to “do my hair” and apply makeup. This nearly kills me. Finally, I must select the least staining snacks possible and manage the task of getting everyone to the scene without any major meltdowns about why the bright yellow crocs just can’t be worn today.

So as you can tell, professional photographing sessions REALLY stress me out!!!! But when we met our photographer and friend Zoe, of Zoe Zen Photography for our photo session, I was so relieved when she took control. I had already discussed some things with her that I did not want the photos to be like, so she knew just what I hoped for. I wanted the portraits to be very casual and playful, more candid, not staged or stuffy. I wanted the portraits to really look like us. She brought fun
things like pinwheels and bubbles to distract and entertain my 4 year old and 15 month old. I was so pleased at the end of the session. I was even more thrilled with the photographs. One of my favorites of my daughter is pictured here on left.

I have not gone back to another studio since our first session with Zoe. I even had her take photographs at my son’s 2nd birthday party which was the best! (picture at the right). She took care of the pictures so that I could relish in watching him struggle to blow out those two candles. She also found quiet moments of just him on that special day with that beautiful birthday glow. Moments I missed because I had to host the party and keep rowdy toddlers inline. I regret that I had not done that sooner! I think I have maybe 4 photos from my daughter’s 2nd birthday party.

I’m so excited to have found a photographer who is patient with children, pays attention to small details and moments and mostly who helps me relax and enjoy the process of the session.

TSP readers, are you excited yet?!?!? Zoe is offering our winner her Sweet Love package, which includes a two hour photo session, CD and prints (4 of your choice), one 11x14 Mounted & Lamination ready to hang or stand, 25-40 photos online proof album with a complementary first two week online viewing, and a proof book which includes 4x6 photos with the Zoe Zen logo.

If you want to register for this giveaway, first make sure you are a newsletter subscriber. If not, please enter your email address in the pink box above to begin receiving our weekly newsletter. Then, just click here (this giveaway has now ended)to complete a short survey and get your name “in the hat” to win this awesome package! You will have until noon on October 9th to register, and then that afternoon we will use a random number program to select our winner. We will contact the lucky smarty to send us a picture so we can reveal you as the winner on TSP! Best of luck!

Update: Jessica met with Zoe and had a FANTASTIC photo session! Check out some of the best shots here!


Catherine said...

Love your website. You have beautiful photos, and so unique.

Jenny said...

This is great! Zoe, I love your work.

C.D.H. said...

Hooray! Love these giveaways.

caroolliinnee said...

That is my niece in the white dress and my nephew in the cute hat! Zoe is so talented!! I would love to win this!

Trish said...

Who doesn't love some fab fall pics of the kiidos?!?!?!?

Julie said...

I have some of Zoe's work hanging in my salon. She does excellent work!!

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