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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Smarty Alert: We're Looking for More Help from You!

By Katie M

Are you a mommy blogger? Do you love the preschool your child attends? If you answered yes to one or both of these questions, then we are looking to talk to you!

Keep reading to find out why!

First, we are working on a list of all the great mommy blogs here in the Triad. We plan to share that list as a post on Triad Smarty Pants on December 31. So, if you are a mom who blogs - and you blog for the fun of it and not for profit - then send us a link to your blog! We plan to check out all your mommy blogs and plug as many as we can on our site here. If you blog, you know how important viral marketing is. And we're here to help with just that! Please email us your url addresses by December 16 for consideration.

Second, if you're someone who cannot say enough good things about your child's preschool, then you need to air some of that applause here on Triad Smarty Pants. In another blog (to be scheduled in time for preschool registration this coming February) we will compile a list of all the "smarty-approved" preschools around the Triad. As part of the school's listing in the blog, we will include one to three sentences from you as to why your preschool is so wonderful - and give you credit for that claim. (We won't list your full name, but will list it as we do with most of our guest bloggers, ie: "By Katie M"). The listing will also include the full name of the preschool, its address, phone number and its web site address (if applicable).

Not only is this a fun way to be cool to your school, but it's also an opportunity for your preschool to promote itself on Triad Smarty Pants (for free!). Please email us here a few sentences about your school (be sure to include the full name, address, phone number and web address of the school) by January 8 for consideration.

Thanks, Smarties!

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