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Monday, December 14, 2009

Win Tickets to Barnum's Funundrum!

By Rachel H

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® is roaring into town with Barnum’s FUNundrum, an event so big, it's 200 years in the making! Hop aboard and go on an unbelievable excursion that brings together performers and characters from exotic countries all over the world - even from places for which there are no geographic borders. From the moment that you arrive, the momentum explodes as The Greatest Show On Earth® comes to life in a way that can only be inspired by the greatest showman who ever lived.

Thrill-seekers may pay for the entire seat, but will only need its edge as a rip-roaring motorcycle troupe braves fear and physics in the 16-foot Spherical Miracle. Height-seeking high-wire artists perform 40 feet in the air, all while at a 45 degree angle. Masters of Musculature use their bodies in the ultimate test to see how far the human body can be pushed in a mind-blowing world of distortion and contortion.

Just as the Ringling Bros.® train keeps traveling from city to city, Barnum’s FUNundrum keeps the energy going As each extraordinary act blends thrills and contemporary spectacle to overdeliver a heart-racing experience that, until now, was beyond imagination!

The most exciting part of all is that our readers at Triad Smarty Pants have the chance to win tickets this spectacular event! It's super easy! All you have to do is become a member of our NEW Facebook Fan Page! (Do not confuse this with our friend page which has been up for most of the year.) This is a new page, where it will be much easier for the TSP team to post sales, alerts, blogs, and giveaways without needing to send private email messages through the friend page.

Simply click the Facebook icon at the top of our page to visit our new Fan Page and then click "Become a Fan". That is all you need to do! Then, we will use our trusty website to choose our winners. Watch the page each day as we will announce a daily winner of two circus tickets beginning today!

If you are not on Facebook, have no fear, TSP always has more giveaways in our backpocket that you wil be able to register for soon! Or if you want to get tickets for the family now, follow this link to see dates, times and availability! It will be an event your family will remember!


Anonymous said...

If we don't win the tickets, I am thinking we need to make this a family outing anyway. Sounds like it will be spectacular!


Amy said...

We went to the circus last year and my six-year-old still talks about it. We had a really fun time. Hope I can win tickets to this year's!

Anonymous said...

The circus might have a lot of theatrical and thrilling things to see. One cannot overlook the cruel treatment of the animlas used to perform. Please take a look at these images, Don't attend the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, show compassion, and stop the abuse of baby elephants.

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