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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Smarty Find: lit'l desi9s

By Guest Blogger, Carolyn Flaherty

I am proud to introduce to you an amazing mom who has created a quality product and a quickly growing company, Debby Yennaco. In 2007, Debby Yennaco's 5 year old son, Aidan asked her how to spell the word "Bug". Quickly she created a design to show her son how to spell in a unique and creative manner. Shortly thereafter, Debby created her first Namimal creation by turning Aidan's name into a dinosaur. Debby loved her creation and Aidan LOVED it even more!

Instantly, Debby knew she had a HUGE IDEA! lit'l desi9s has created over 3,000 names into a whole collection of inspired designs…Debby artfully arranges the letters of a child’s first or last name (even dog names) to create absolutely adorable animals, fairies, princesses, and automobile designs. In doing so, she captures the imagination and sparks the creativity of children and parents alike.

Debby's design background lends itself to a remarkable product. Before starting lit'l desi9s, Debby was one of the most coveted advertising art directors in the business. And, as the mom of three cReATive children, she has an opportunity to blend her unmistakable visual style with her fantastic parenting style every day. She says, "With all my designing experience in the advertising industry, I have never created something that is more self rewarding!” Debby’s designs encourage children to look at language and the world around them in a new way; to create outside of the box.

The lit'l desi9s line consists of over 40 of the highest quality products which include tee shirts, zippered hoodies, onesies, bibs, baby blankets, canvas bags, stationery products, hooded towels, dog tees, wall art, bamboo pillowcases (which are among my personal favorites)… and much more! The line is printed with earth-friendly inks and offered on 100% organic cotton and bamboo and recycled paper.

In the beginning, Debby was selling her creations printed on tee shirts out of the back of her car at her son's preschool, craft fairs, and a local library while Gal, Debby's husband (who by-the-way now works for her full time), printed the shirts in their basement. Word about Debby's adorable creations quickly spread locally. Within a few weeks, Debby had an order of 450 names. By January 2008, lit'l desi9s was featured on and within 24 hours lit'l desi9s had over 1,000 hits to their website from people in 25 countries! lit'l desi9s opened their first cart store in early 2008 in Boston. In just five quick months, lit'l desi9s sold their first Licensing Agreement. In a little over 1 1/2 years, lit'l desi9s has shipped their Unique One-Of-A-Kind products to customers in over 35 countries and has been featured in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine as well as on Boston Chronicle.

I met Debby after I took a business card from her cart store in Boston. For over a month I placed weekly calls to order birthday gifts for various parties my four children were attending, and as baby gifts for friends. The reaction to the gifts was tremendous and so I continued to buy. When Debby called me early this fall to announce that she was launching a direct marketing, home show based venture and asked if I would host a show, I immediately agreed. Debby put on a fantastic show and my friends were as impressed with her products as I was. I was already in love with Debby’s products and quickly grew the same fondness for Debby. I found that lit'l desi9s was on my mind constantly and I wanted to help Debby launch her business in any way I could. Debby is inspiring and her excitement is contagious. Therefore, although I have four children and a career as a CPA, I have recently signed on as one of Debby’s first consultants and am so proud and excited to market her company.

I encourage you to visit her website at and contemplate joining the growing organization. Web based shows can be arranged in territories where consultants are not yet available and I would love to facilitate one for you! To place an order, host a show or if you are interested in becoming a consultant, (You can be the first consultant in your area!) please contact me, Carolyn Flaherty, or 508 384-6624.

Lit'l Desi9s special creation gifts are guaranteed to be the talk of the baby shower, birthday, or holiday party!

Cheers to the brilliance of amazing mothers!

UPDATE! We now have a lit'l desi9s representative right here in the Triad! Contact Carrie Pope at 336-656-7983 to place an order or to host a party of your own!


Anonymous said...

What a cute idea! Now I am thinking I need to order just ONE more gifts for my little girl!

candice said...

These are adorable. What a creative concept. I enjoyed scrolling through all the names on the website!

Anonymous said...

You can still order for Christmas! The deadline is 12/15. We do have some back ordered items; but call me at 508 446-4756 and I can direct you to our most popular products! Also, I would like to offer 20% off one item to all my friends and family including the Triad Smarty Pants network. - Carolyn Flaherty

Anonymous said...

My children are ga ga over these products and so are their friends. What great reactions we are getting when we give them as gifts! Have you seen the new vehicle, fairy and princess desi9s? They are amazing!

Anonymous said...

I love giving the pillow cases as birthday gifts. The bamboo fabric is so soft and the kids LOVE them! Especially when they get to show them off at slumber parties! - Hannah

Paula said...

What a great gift idea: unique and creative. I jsut love all the different name and pattern choices on the web site. How long does it usually take to have a custom design created for a name?

Anonymous said...

In answer to Paula's question a new desi9 can generally be done relatively quickly and a proof is sent out for your approval. However, we have over 3000 desi9s and many more that were created during the Christmas rush that wills soon be added to the website. Visit the website and call if you have any questions. I'll be happy to place an order and offer our 20% on one item friends and family discount. Please note that stamps take 6-8 weeks to be deliverd. PUT IN AN ORDER NOW FOR THANK YOU NOTE CARDS AND/OR VALENTINE'S NOTE CARDS AND A SIGNATURE STAMP!! - Carolyn of Lit'l Desi9s 508 446-4756,

Gina said...

How can you host a show remotely? If I'm interested in becoming a consultant, how can I see the product first?

Tammy said...

Is there anyone hosting shows in our area? I'd love to attend!!

Carolyn said...

Actually, there are no consultants in your area so YOU have the fantastic opportunity to join our team and become part of a rapidly growing company with products you can be proud of! I can arrange a web based show for you OR if you are interested in becoming a consultant, we can ship you product to host a show and if you decide to join the team the product will become your starter kit. Please call me for more information or e-mail 508 446-4756, DONT MISS THIS GREAT OPPORTUNITY!!

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