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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Love, Hate & the 2 Minute Wait

By Lisa Kuszmar, Charlotte Smarty Pants

Have you ever seen that commercial that starts – one in four women can misread a traditional pregnancy test? Then it proceeds to tell you to purchase the only digital pregnancy test that reads – PREGNANT or NOT PREGNANT. I recall the first time I saw that ad and thought to my self REALLY? That’s ridiculous! I mean how hard is it to read a pink line? You won’t get me to spend $20 on your fancy test. Well I ate those words big time.

Now let me start by saying I have a real love hate relationship with the home pregnancy test. It took me 15 months to conceive and so I have purchased my fair share of ovulation kits, pregnancy tests and contraptions to time my impending pregnancy.

There were so many months that I peed on those silly sticks only to be disappointed. You actually start to dread the next test. You have strange pep talks with yourself in the bathroom. You tell yourself to stay calm and to not over react one way or the other. There is something so defeating and sanity testing about that pink line refusing to show up. You stare and stare and you can actually start to convince yourself that you see something that isn’t there. Well the month that my test actually was positive, I thought I was hallucinating. There is no way that line was there, I shouted for my husband to see if he saw the line. Well he did. It was faint, but it was there. Holy cow; a faint line. Now were we that one in four people who were misreading the test? Should we call family and alert the media? We were torn.

We agreed to tell no one and that day we ran out and purchase that fancy digital test. I need to read the results in English. Well morning number two, we took the test and I saw the world's best word – PREGNANT!!!

Thank goodness for fool proof tests!!


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