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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Move over sillybandz, Squinkies are in the house!

By Jen P, Charlotte Smarty Pants

silly bandz are still a hip trend for kids of all ages. But there is a new collectible that I think will overpower the silly bandz frenzy by Christmas. Squinkies are squishy and adorable mini animals/figures inside of a plastic bubble that are pencil toppers or just fun little things to play with and collect. Squinkies remind me of when your child BEGS for a toy out of those vending machines that have cheap toys in plastic bubbles just as you're running out of the grocery store - only Squinkies are way cuter and cooler!

Squinkies come in packs of 16 or you can purchase the playsets and bracelet sets. The 16-packs retail for $9.99 and the playsets generally cost around $20-ish. Retailers and online sites can't seem to keep these little surprises in stock so the online prices seem to jump around alot. I found this gumball playset for $33.12 - I have a hard time believing that is a true price in stores. Squinkies are for kids ages 4 and up and personally I think they are geared more towards girls, but boys can like them too. My girls are 9 and 7 and they L-O-V-E Squinkies. This is their new go-to for a hip birthday present.

Word has it Squinkies can be found at Wal-Mart, Target and Toys R Us. They sell out just as soon as they hit the shelves, so you just need to check every time you shop. Good luck finding them, but know that your kids will love you when you do!

Have you heard of Squinkies? What do you think?


Anonymous said...

UGH! More little toys that I will find in my daughter's bed, in the cushions of the couch, in the car, and everywhere BUT where they belong! Why do so many kids' toys have so mnay pieces?


Anonymous said...

Agree with above. Can't stand toys like this. Why can't they make toys that come in one piece?!??!?!?

Anonymous said...

annoyimous is mean!

Anonymous said...

just kidding!

rachel16 said...

you should not be kidding, because anoymous really is mean!

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