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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Visit the Go-expo Next Weekend!

Press Release submitted by Jenni Mowery

Inaugural GoExpo Sustainability Festival Coming September 25

The GoExpo, the Triad’s biggest-ever sustainability festival, is coming to the Benton Convention Center in Winston-Salem on Saturday, Sept. 25, from 9am -4pm to help families, kids, businesses and building professionals learn how to “go green.”

The Expo will feature information and presentations on green trends for homes, businesses, neighborhoods, schools, transportation, gardens and more. “We’ve really tried to cover all the different aspects of people’s lives,” Co-Chair Anne Tambling describes. “Whether it’s the schools their children attend, the transportation they use, the food they eat, the houses they live in, the neighborhoods they live in – there are sustainable aspects to all these areas. Most expos are vendor-based – you find lots of opportunities to buy things, ours is about information. We want people to learn about the tremendous advantages that come when you follow sustainable practices– not just environmentally, but financially for your home or business.”

Special guests include Sarah Susanka, architect and author of the best-selling “Not So Big House” series of books; and Sophie Lambert, the director of LEED for Neighborhood Development at the U.S. Green Building Council.

The GoExpo is being organized by the Community Sustainability Program Committee, an advisory body formed by the Winston-Salem City Council in 2008 to spearhead efforts to make Winston-Salem a more sustainable community. Jason Frichner, the chairman of the committee, says the GoExpo is intended to raise awareness of sustainability and the advantages it offers to residents and business owners alike. “We want to introduce the concept to people who may not understand it or have not bought into the benefits of sustainability, and show how it can change their lives for the better,” he said.

Highlights of the GoExpo include:
•Test drives of hybrid and fuel-efficient cars, courtesy of Modern Automotive Group, the presenting sponsor for the GoExpo
•Separate themed areas focusing on sustainability in homes, offices, gardens, schools, neighborhoods, transportation and construction.
•A GoKids area with hands-on activities for kids and learning opportunities for parents.
•Special workshops, seminars and exhibits for builders, architects and engineers, including classes that fulfill U.S. Green Building Council certification requirements.
•Four “green-themed” movies presented by A/perture Cinema, including two in the afternoon at the convention center.
•Free door-side “bike valet” service for bike riders who pedal to the GoExpo.
•Walk-through mock-ups of a “green” home and a “green” office.
•Exhibits of sustainable products and services for builders and homeowners.

For more information, visit We hope you will support this wonderful event!


Heather said...

I saw signs for this at Rock the Block yesterday. I am thrilled that our community is doing something like this. I hope that it is a great turnout. I am glad they have incorporated a children's area. Will you remind everyone next week? Or maybe it is on your calendar. I will check after I post this!!!! :-)

maythi said...

YAY! We are so excited for this and so honored to be at the children's area with Spooneez products! Hope to see a great crowd!!

Moxie said...

If it's the inaugural how can they promote it as the biggest-ever?

While I'm glad the city is finally getting their act together with regards to finally jumping on the bandwagon for sustainability, it smacks of re-writing local history to say they are "educating families, businesses and building professionals". The push has definitely been in the other direction for well over the last decade.

You only have to look at the fight over the tree ordinance to see that.

I might visit, but I'm reserving judgement.

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