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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Smarty Alert: Here's What's In Store at Boutique of Couture!

By Katie M

In case you missed today's newsletter, let us fill you in on some spectacular sales happening now at Boutique of Couture. Just check out these recent promotions:

Buy an $18 shirt, choose a free scarf (one scarf per customer per day). Buy a dress, choose a shirt from the $12 rack for only $5. Buy a $9 necklace, choose an $8 pair of earrings for free. New items on the Clearance Rack for $10. End of the FANCY Wedding Summer Dresses for a steal, just $25 each!

Plus, Boutique of Couture will soon be receiving Miss Me Denim from the USA and Sawary Jeans from Brazil. All of last year’s denim on sale beginning at $29! Keep reading to get all the scoop!

New Fall fashions are arriving weekly, smarties! This fall is all about layering. Layer your scarfs, jewelry, leggings, sweaters, and don't forget your boots. After attending the Atlanta Apparel Mart, Boutique of Couture has ordered jeggings and leggings in different colors and styles. Good pair of leggings, jeggings, or jeans are a must for the Fall season.

Smell the fall air, and think SWEATER. In the next couple of weeks, Boutique of Couture will be getting the LONG Coat Sweaters. These sweaters start at $40 and can be worn as a jacket or a coat. Put on a long sleeve t-shirt, and one of these sweater coats and your are ready for the park, dinner, or the winery.

Boutique of Couture is a small boutique specializing is trendy apparel for the mom, the teenager, or a grandmother. The team of Hadley Reisig, Erica Sigley, and Maureen Wittmer are focused on giving personalized attention to our customers. They want each customer to only buy something if it looks good on the customer's figure. They are also happy to have people take items home and try them on with shoes and accesories. If an item does work, we refund or exchange within 4 weeks.

All the items in the store are resonably priced. Most fancy dresses start at $60. Casual dresses start at $35, and junior dresses start at $20.

Boutique of Couture also has new store hours:
Mon and Thurs: 10 to 6pm
Tues and Wed: 12 to 8pm for evening shopping
Friday: 10 to 8pm for evening shopping
Saturday: 10 to 6pm

Boutique of Couture also provides toddler entertainment in the back of the store. TV with the Jetsons, or even the water fountain sometimes is just enough diversion to keep little ones occupied while mom shops.

And don't forget to "Like" them on Facebook. You'll learn of these great promotions quicker than we can tell you!

So shop happy, and visit Boutique of Couture soon! These sales won't last long!


Dinah said...

great offer seems fir for teenage like me...i love to buy there some of Contemporary Upscale Women's Clothing & Accessories that are in low prices...thanks for the info

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