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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lil' Smarty Trend: SillyBandz

By Rachel H

Back in January, Jen P ran a blog on Charlotte Smarty Pants about this new growing trend, called silly bandz. silly bandz are silicon/elastic bands molded into fun shapes like pets, zoo animals, cars, and princesses. When kids wear them on their wrists, they just look like regular jelly bracelets from back in the 80's, but when you take them off your wrist, they spring back to their shape. Kids are collecting them, wearing them, and trading them.

In Charlotte, they seemed to be the coolest new trend in kids' accessories. At that time, I had never seen them here in the Triad, but have been keeping my eyes open for them. Well, what started as a trend for elementary school kids and and tweens, has now trickled down to even preschoolers! My mom teaches preschool in Charlotte and said her kids are crazy about them. She promptly picked up a few packs of these bandz for my son, who is in first grade, and my daughter in preschool.

My kids wore these to school and were so eager to start trading their bandz! Bad news is that most kids in this area have yet to discover silly bandz, so we have made it a goal to bring this trend to the Triad! My son gave a few sillybandz to a friend of ours, who is in middle school. She immediately freaked out and asked where he got them. She said some friends at school had them and she had been wanting them.

I have already had friends calling me asking where to get these. I have called just about everywhere you can imagine, and I have good news. You can pick up these trendy new silly bandz at Toys & Co in Greensboro! If you are one of these trend setters who already has the bandz, please share below where you purchased yours!

silly bandz come in a variety of shapes and range in price from $3.99 - $6.99, depending on how many bandz are in the pack, and where you buy them. These will be great for Easter baskets, too!

A few warnings ... being a former teacher, I can already see these becoming a huge nuisance in the classroom, so to avoid getting the "bandz banned," tell your kids to save the trading for the playground. I have also told my son to resist the urge to play with these in class while he is supposed to be listening! (Mrs. Fansler, just let me know if he is getting distracted!) Also, if your child is younger than Kindergarten, these could be a choking hazard, or could cut off circulation if worn too tight.

So let's bring back the 80's with these "jelly bracelets!" Be sure to let us know if your kids love them as much as mine do!

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Anonymous said...

My son was talking about these last week, saying he wanted some. I had no idea what he was talking about. This will be fun to surprise him with them!


candice said...

How FUN! I think my girls will love these. Cute new trend, and I love that they are NOT expensive!!

Courtney said...

Finally ... an affordable item to collect! I am not happy with prices of Pokemon cards and Bakugans. These seem much more my style. I went by Toys & Co today and they had the entire alphabet set for $4.99! Such a deal.

Rachel H. said...

Update! Just spoke to Jennifer at Buttons Boutique in Winston-Salem (located on Country Club road across from Calvary Baptist Church). She just ordered the funky bandz, which are very similar, but also come in select styles that glow in the dark. They will retail from $4.95 to $6.95 per package depending on design and quantity. She is hoping that these will arrive on Friday. We will keep you posted and let our readers know when they arrive!

Anonymous said...

We have these and love em!

Mama Llama said...

so funny. we were just in charlotte last weekend and my 12 year old niece had a whole bag of these. She says they get them at walgreens. I might have to get my kiddos some of these in their easter basket!

Bring on the trend!

cottage and vine said...

My son, who is a "cool" 8th grader, came home wearing one of these the other day.

Anonymous said...

My son who is in 7th grade came home wearing one of those and so did my 10th grade daughter. They both asked me to take them to Toys & Co and now our whole family is wearing them.

Mommy said...

We just got back from a weekend in Atlanta where my niece showered my girls with these. They are a "must have" there..she is 7 and was horrified that my 5 year olds did not know what they were! I'm now going on line to get more!!!

Mommy said...
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Jen said...

We now sell these at The Jewel Box in Winston (Thruway)and GSO frienly center.

Nikki said...

Lemstone Christian bookstore in Kernersville has tons of them. Christian and non-Christian themed.

tonya rockhold said...

my girls have a few but are begging for more you can order them from here

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