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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Smarty Mom: Christina Mohorn

By Katie M

Today’s Smarty Mom, Christina Mohorn, comes highly recommended by one of our own TSP team members, Susan Davis. Susan, who lives in Burlington, suggested we profile Christina saying she not only lives “smarty” but she’s also working hard, in a special way, to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). After learning about Christina and her inspiring story, we agreed she is someone other Triad moms would want to know!

Christina and her husband, Jason, live in Greensboro and have three boys: Kieran (5 ½), Davis (4) and Liam (6 months). After her children came along, Christina decided to step down from her career as an Intensive Care Unit nurse to stay at home. But when she’s not with her family, Christina stays busy with her Bible Study Fellowship International (BSF) - a women’s’ day group in Greensboro that meets every Thursday from Sept to May, as well as with her love for running (you’ll learn more about this below), and spending time with her girlfriends.

So let’s get to know Christina!

We hear you are in training for a big race and are raising a lot of money for a great cause. Tell us about that.
I recently joined Team in Training with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). I have signed up to run the San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon on June 6, 2010 and to raise at least $3000 for the LLS. Up until about 3 years ago, the furthest I ever run was about 5miles.

Two years ago, I joined Team in Training for the Country Music ½ marathon in Nashville, TN. The fundraising goal for that event was $3000 and I ended up raising over $6,000! All I did was send out about 120 personal letters to family, friends and acquaintances. It is amazing! All I had to do was tell people what I was going to do and ask them to support me. The response was overwhelming.

Why did you choose to support LLS?
My sister died in 1986 from Leukemia at the age of 10. I was 11 at the time. Leukemia is a more common childhood cancer and the prognosis now is much better than it was when she was diagnosed in 1982. Team in Training has been around for 21 years and was started by a parent who lost his child to Leukemia. It started out as a small group of runners raising money while running the NYC Marathon. Now there are chapters in almost every state raising money!

So I decided that in order to ask all the same people to support me again, two years later, I needed to have a bigger goal. I have always thought that people who run full marathons must be insane. There must be a little “crazy” in all of us I suppose. But in my mind, I think I can run 26.2 miles and that says a lot. Now that I have told so many people and accepted donations, I have no choice!!! It has only made me more determined. I always go through periods of doubt, which my marathon coaches are already aware of – I told them that I need a lot of confidence boosting along the way. If Oprah can do it…

What can we do to support you in this cause?
I may need more help mentally than physically. Isn’t it like that with most goals we create for ourselves? Visit my website for progress or to donate:

How do you find the time to get in your long runs as a mom?
The long runs are on Saturday mornings so usually my husband is available to help out. Otherwise, I hire a babysitter to help. I run 2-3 more times per week and have a great mother in law who loves to help. I schedule the other runs when the boys are in preschool. I have also used the babysitting service Preferred Childcare and I love the sitters we have had. We now have some regulars which is nice! But I have to say that I have fallen behind in the cooking and cleaning department.

What is your biggest motivation for your runs?
Right now, I look at it as a job. This is my end of the bargain basically. I signed on to help raise money to beat leukemia and lymphoma AND to run a marathon. The commitment has been made and I take it seriously. There is no other option!

Now, getting me through the long runs, I think of the people who I am doing it for. I think about the pediatric clinic and hospital floor where my sister used to go. And I use those people as inspiration to help me to keep on putting one foot in front of the other.

What’s been your greatest challenge thus far, and what’s been your greatest reward?
Greatest challenge SO FAR….just getting it all done with the baby in the picture and then feeling like I am devoting enough of my whole self to all three boys. Making sure I get quality time in with all of them. Greatest reward would have to be the outpouring of support from so many people. I can’t believe they think I can run a marathon! And they put money on it!

Do you plan to run more marathons after this?
I will let you know June 7th and then will let you know again maybe in July.
I have always wanted to run NYC Marathon since I grew up on Long Island.

That is so inspiring, Christina, and we’ll be rooting for you!

On a separate note, we hear you just got back from Disney World. We are always looking for fun Disney tips to share with other moms, and have blogged about it several times. What are some tips you can share with us?
I love Disney World! We took the boys last year when they were 3 and 4 and I cannot
wait to go back. Here’s my two-cents:
• Definitely bring your stroller (even if it is a double jogger) – it costs a lot per day to rent one. It is nice to have if you want to zip through the park and your little ones need a break while eating ice cream. Plus, we have one son who tends to lag behind.
• I would try to bring my own food into the park if that is allowed….and spend my money on special treats and candy!
• My kids did NOT enjoy 3D shows such as Mickey’s Philharmagic. I loved it. We almost had to walk out since they were crying. However, the roller coaster rides were a hit, the faster and steeper the better. Figure out and use the Fast Pass system – especially for the two very popular Epcot rides – Soarin and Test Track (big big hits with the boys AND us).
• I would also limit the character meals. I think once is enough, maybe twice per trip.
• Children’s favorite….everything in Magic Kingdom especially Peter Pan’s Flight, Buzz Lightyear ride, Pirates of the Caribbean. We will avoid Snow White next time due to the very scary witch that pops out!
• My favorite thing: Magic Kingdom, it never gets old to me. I also loved staying at the Polynesian which is right on the monorail system.

Ok, and now on to some of our lighter questions…

Favorite place to get a good deal on kids clothes?
I almost never buy anything full price for the boys. I like the Gap for basics. Recently found great deals at the Hartstrings outlet for the baby!!! Went a little overboard.

Favorite place to splurge on kids clothes?
Mini Boden.

What is your favorite family activity?
Just everyone being together enjoying each other….especially in the spring time. We like to hike on the trails at Bur Mil Park/Owl’s Roost.

Favorite “mommy-time” activity?
Wednesday night dinner with the girl friends and getting a pedicure.

Best place to eat lunch and/or dinner with the kids?
Bravo – we love it and the kids LOVE to go by themselves to make their own pizza!

Favorite date place?
Bistro Sofia

Favorite park in the Triad?
Love the one at Lake Daniel and love Johnson Park. I also love to take them to the trails at Bur Mil for a good hike!

Mini-van or SUV?
Mini Van

Best thing about raising a family in the Triad?
So many resources for children and so many people in the same boat as me!

Best kept secret in the Triad?
Burlington City Park. We go there a lot in the spring and summer. Davis had his third birthday party there!!! The rides are so much fun for them and it is so sweet to see them having such a great time for such a little price!!!

Best mom secret YOUR mom has shared with you?
Peanut butter gets the gum out of your hair.

What’s your smartiest secret for staying organized?
I use a weekly schedule where I can see the entire week and I have everything written on there. On the back I write notes or grocery lists. I love to cross things off lists. I carry this with me where ever I go.

Best birthday party you have attended?
Bur Mil Park – great guided hikes or fishing parties followed by petting the animals at the WIldlife Center. Kieran had his 5th birthday there.

Best book you’ve ever read?
Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood by Jim Fay and Charles Fay. Excellent parenting advice! And The Bible of course, still reading it.

What is your favorite blog on Triad Smarty Pants?
I like the events every Wednesday.

I could not live without my... Garmin Forerunner GPS watch!

I wish someone had told me sooner about…the uterine cramps you get after delivery of your second and third child.

Thanks for all your smarty answers, Christina, and keep us posted on your marathon and fund raising goals! We wish you the best of luck! You are a true inspiration for us moms who are always trying to “up” our exercise routines!

Do you have a Smarty Mom or Dad in mind? If so, let us know! Email us at We love to receive “mominations”!


Anonymous said...

Yeah for Christina!!!! Thanks so much for sharing your special story with us and best wishes on the run...all of us "Smarty Moms" will be cheering you on from the Triad!!

Valerie said...

Enjoyed reading your profile and good luck with the race. Where is Bistro Sofia? We are always looking for new places to go!


Christina said...

Bistro Sofia is on Dolly Madison.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with your race! Great cause!


whoo-hoo! you go girl!

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