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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Smarty Mom: Amy Adams

By Katie M

Happy Smarty Mom Saturday. Today we are featuring Amy Adams. I discovered Amy through a mutual friend and former co-worker who now lives out-of-state but contacted me after learning about Triad Smarty Pants. She wanted to tell me about her friend, Amy Adams, who lives in Winston-Salem and is an avid reader of Triad Smarty Pants. Then, coincidentally a few weeks later, I happened to meet Amy at Bubbleration last spring in downtown Winston-Salem! So, I kept in touch with Amy and soon discovered she not only reads Triad Smarty Pants on a regular basis, but she also follows us on Twitter and Facebook! After learning that, I just had to ask her to be a Smarty Mom!

Amy and her husband Marc have two children: James, age seven, and Maisie, age two. They moved to the Triad from Minneapolis, MN, a little over three years ago. Just recently, Amy joined the ranks of stay-at-home moms after resigning from Frank About Women and Mullen advertising. Amy is not only a super savvy social media mama, but she’s also a photography buff who also follows consumer trends and technology!

So now it's your turn to get to know Amy too...

You left a prominent position at Frank About Women and Mullen advertising to stay at home full-time with your children. Tell us what you did in your “former” life at the ad agency, and how is the adjustment going?
I was a vice president/account director at the agency, where I led the T.J.Maxx, DSW, Nestle, and Teach For America accounts. In my first year on the job, I completed over 40 TV commercials! I love what I do professionally and completely plan to return one day, but I am embracing the changes in life. A chain of events with our family led me to decide to stay home. My plan is to enjoy the regular day-to-day kids stuff I missed while frequently traveling for work and take on my list of house and miscellaneous projects and travel with my husband. Live in the moment.

What are some things you look most forward to in your role as a stay-at-home mom, and what are some things you fear the most?
I most look forward to being available to my family, at the kids activities, planning long weekends, and having time for all those things that I never seemed to have time to get to before. I also am looking forward to getting to know Winston-Salem a bit better.

I don't have a lot of fears about the changes other than just not wanting time to get away from me. I want to appreciate this time while my family is young, and not take it for granted.

For other full-time working moms considering the switch to staying at home, what kind of advice can you offer?
Follow your heart. Be it in the workplace or at home, we are all in this together. Seek out resources and don't be afraid to ask others for advice or perspective. Having worked full-time for 14+ years and this being my first time home, I realize the view is wonderful and the journey adventurous from both sides of the motherhood work/life balance fence.

Ok, now on to the fun stuff.

Favorite place to get a good deal on kids clothes?
For great deals, Gapkids and Old Navy. Gap's ‘Give and Get’ promotions benefit amazing organizations such as Teach For America, and so I will shop then and stock up for the season. Also, online promo codes are a great way to save money when shopping online. I never go to the mall without checking out

Favorite place to splurge on kids clothes?
I love Gazoodles Children's Boutique and Buttons as well. I also adore Chasing Fireflies (catalog/online).

Favorite store or boutique in the Triad (for mom stuff, not children)?
Rebecca & Co., Belle Maison and Monkee's at Reynolda Village.

What is your favorite family activity?
Hanging out at the neighborhood pool in the summer and movie nights at home with the kids. Summers at our neighborhood pool there are “dive in” movies, and those are super fun, too.

Favorite “mommy-time” activity?
Anything arts and crafts or photography. I search local art fairs and for inspiration and love making jewelry and photo gifts for family and friends.

What’s your best home organization tip?
Don't use closets for storage, don't get so far behind that clean laundry is confused with dirty and try to focus on one project at a time.

Best place to eat lunch and/or dinner with the kids?
Brixx Wood Fired Pizza. Yummy food, they treat the kids like royalty and even bring dough to the table for them to play with and then they bake it as well. We drive by and the kids always ask to go.

Favorite date place?
Love outdoor music more than anything. A great low-key date night would be hanging out on the patio at Finnegan’s or dinner at Village Tavern or Ombu.

Funniest thing your kid(s) has ever said?
“Moms are super heroes. (I asked “why?”) Because to take care of sick kids, go to work, make cookies and still take care of daddies, they neeeeed super powers.”

Favorite park in the Triad?
We really like Joanie Moser Park in Lewisville. It is close to our house and there is a fenced in play area with picnic tables surrounded by woods.

Mini-van or SUV?
Neither. For me it's a station wagon.

Best thing about raising a family in the Triad?
Having the ocean and the mountains so close, and the extra time I have to enjoy with my kids at home or attending their activities, instead of sitting endlessly in traffic.

Best kept secret in the Triad?
Rag Apple Lassie's outdoor music on the weekends in the summer and fall. Wide open space, live music, wine and BBQ, the kids can run, and my husband and I in lawn chairs relaxing.

Best birthday party you have attended?
A very sweet backyard 2nd birthday party with kids of all ages. The kids had a great time playing together and the parents were able to chat and relax as well.

Best book you’ve ever read?
Where the Wild Things Are. I loved it as a child, and love sharing it with my kids now. It’s no accident my son is named James Wilder Adams.

What’s your favorite thing about Triad Smarty Pants?
The events info every Wednesday for the upcoming weekend. It is the first place I check to find fun things to do with the kids.

I could not live without my... family. We have moved several times together the past 12 years and what I have learned is it doesn't matter where we are geographically, as where they are is home to me. Ok, and maybe cappuccino. I am addicted. It might be a problem. (Note: In my full-time career life this would have definitely been my Blackberry. I have since unplugged... a little.)

I wish someone had told me sooner about... all the great vineyards and wineries in the area. I was under the misperception that I needed to be on the west coast to enjoy wine country.

Thanks, Amy, for all your smarty answers, and much good luck with your new “career” at home!

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Rachel H said...

Enjoyed your profile today, Amy! We LOVE Rag Apple Lassie Second Saturday Shindigs! They are so much fun for adults and kids.

angie S said...

I enjoyed reading your profile this morning!! I loved James' Super heros quote..too cute!! he is very insightful!!

Jen P. said...

So nice to "meet" you, Amy! Enjoy your time at home - that's such a tough decision, but one you will cherish for years to come.

Michelle said...

Amy - I learned some new things about you, reminding me of just how amazing you are and why we should hang out more and soon! Miss ya, Michelle

Ashley H. (CSP) said...

Amy, girl, it's GREAT to see you honored as a Smarty mom...fitting for SURE!!! Been too long since we've seen each other, but I've always thought so highly of you irregardless of the distance between us. Glad to know you finally made it South again, welcome back! Miss you, hope to see you soon. Hugs, ash

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