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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Deadline extended for contest!

By Rachel H

Many readers sent us emails asking for an extension on the "Give An Hour" contest. We thought since it is now Spring Break for some of our children, many moms will have more time to actually give this hour over the next week or so. We have decided to extend the deadline for this contest until April 15th. If you have already entered, we thank you! We have saved all of your emails and have already gotten some fantastic ideas from you! For those of you who missed the blog about the contest, here you go ...

You ladies are gonna love this contest! Give us an hour of your time and we’ll give you a chance to win an hour worth of pampering! We will have two winners! One will win a massage from Heather Kiser and haircut from Heather Foster atThe Salons at Cicero in historical West End, Winston-Salem. The other will win a choice of a hour massage or luxurious facial from Chevalrie Salon and Spa, located on North Main Streetin High Point.

Last week we received this email:

Dear Katie and Rachel,
I officially wanted Triad Smarty Pants to know that I became completely sucked in for my entire lunch hour going through blogs on your site - new ones, old ones, REALLY old ones - and could have continued for quite some time. While I have always known y'all were great - I have to admit that once I get home from work, take care of the little ones (they are called "dependents" for a reason), and wrangle them into bed, I usually don't get on the computer. I'm constantly behind on Facebook and home email (452 messages are in the inbox) and have only visited the site periodically and through updates on Facebook.

That said - the site is WONDERFUL and such a fabulous resource. I told some friends of mine last week to check out the summer camp list and I have put the First Family workshop for this Sunday on my to-do list because we have wanted to go to the Reynolda House for quite some time.
Thanks so much for all you do on TSP!

Needless to say, we were so excited by this email! Our team is always looking for feedback so we can learn what our readers like, don’t like, or what they want to see more of! But we were most impressed by the fact that our reader, Janet, took the time to scroll through old posts and find some useful information. This gave us the idea for our “Give An Hour, Get An Hour” contest.

So here is the challenge: Give us one hour on our website. (Yes, we know some of you have logged on every morning for the past year and can quote every blog, but you can still do this!) Give us one hour – your lunch break, kids’ nap time, morning coffee quiet time, midnight … whatever floats your boat. Spend one hour on our site by clicking through our directories, scrolling through blogs, visiting our sponsors, and most importantly, visiting our categories listed down the left-hand side of our page. We have a category for almost any topic you need, but we know there are more ideas that you have!

After you give us an hour, send an email to Tell us about your hour – what you found, what you liked, what you learned, what was helpful. Then also tell us what you would like to see more of, what you would like to see less of, and even if you have a blog topic in mind or know someone who may want to guest blog for us. Maybe you know a Smarty Mom or Dad you would like to see featured, or a local shop you would like to see highlighted on our site.

After you give us an hour, we are going to pick two lucky winners to get that hour back in the form of a pampering session from one of our fabulous, reader-recommended salons! For the first time ever, these winners will not be random. Katie and I are going to read all of your entries and choose the ones we like best and found to be the most helpful to our website.

So have at it, ladies – give us your hour sometime between now and March 31st! Send your entry to and be sure to include the Triad city in which you live so we can match you up with the closest salon. We hope that the useful info you find on our website and the hour pampering session you may possibly earn in return will be well worth it!

Thanks again to our local salons for their donations. Be sure to stop by and check them out! They were both referred to us by our loyal readers.
The Salons at Cicero
952 West 4th Street, Suite 101
Winston-Salem, NC 27101
Call Heather Kiser at 407-3683

Chevalrie Salon and Spa
3710 North Main Street
High Point, NC 27265-1892


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