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Monday, March 1, 2010

Trouble at School?

By Rachel H

We are over halfway through the traditional school year. This is the time of year where many new problems begin to arise at school. From preschool, all the way through highschool, each of us has a child experiencing something different for the first time. Triad Smarty Pants is here to help and give some advice on how to handle some of the common problems your child may be experiencing.

One of the most common is educational concerns. The first quarter of school is a lot of review. By the time second quarter ends, most schools have conferences and parents are made aware of any problems or concerns in their child’s education. If your child is struggling academically, I think the best thing you can offer them is one-on-one instruction. This instruction may come from you, as a parent. You can help them build on the schools taught at school, or simply assist them with homework when they may be having trouble. You may also choose to give one-on-one time through a tutor. There are many agencies in the Triad that come well recommended. One of our favorites is Education Resource Group. You can read more about them here.

You also may choose to hire a private tutor. You can often find recommendations by asking your school’s Counselor or Curriculum Coordinator. If you have a degree in education and offer private tutoring, please add your information in the comments section below.

You can also help your child by building skills through games. Check out this blog, with educational game suggestions for all ages.

Other areas where TSP has some advice:

If you and/or your child’s teacher have serious concerns about your child’s education, check out Triad Academy. Their instructional program is highly individualized, research based, and designed to meet the learning needs of students with dyslexia and related language based learning.

Other schools in the Triad who offer education to children who may need individualized learning experiences are mentioned here.

What about something as simple as homework? Is it a constant source of anxiety in your home? Find out here where you should and should not step in!

Is your child being bullied? Maybe he/she is a bullier themselves. Read this fantastic blog by a local school counselor on this exact topic and what you can do as a parent to help.

If your child is in public school, chances are that they are starting to discuss the EOG Test on a daily basis. I wrote this blog last year on how to help your child prepare for this test.

Check out our Categories on the left side of our website. You may find related topics of interest under your child's age range, or under another heading such as "Education", "Raising Children", "Preschool", "Middle School", "Elementary", or "High School".

What are some other problems your child is encountering at school? Is there a specific topic that you would like a TSP Team member, local pediatrician or local counselor to write about? Let us know by commenting below. We hope today's post has directed you to some blogs that you may have read before, but now may actually be able to put to good use!


Anonymous said...

Greta post today - I would love some recommendations for a fourth grade writing tutor in the Greensboro area if anyone out there has any to share!

Courtney said...

Thanks for the great recommendations! It couldn't be more timely either. This is a tough time of year for students, teachers, and parents.

I am a former teacher of seven years and I tutor occasionally. If anyone is looking for a tutor in the W-S/K'ville area please feel free to contact me.

Kristen said...

I tutor Winston-Salem students in math grades 6-12.
I can be reached at 336.287.8767.

Naomi said...

I taught English (high school) for 4 years and now do some part-time tutoring. Feel free to contact me if you are looking for a tutor in the Winston-Salem / King area.

Anonymous said...

We have used A+ Tutoring in Greensboro and felt it was well worth it. Here is the website

Anonymous said...

This is perfect timing. My son is in his first year of middle school and has problems all over the place - academic, social, etc. Thank you for these links today. If anything, it shows me we are not alone.

- K.C.

beth said...

love that bullying blog! how did i miss it?

Anonymous said...

Guilford Day School offers tutoring to any student in the community. Our day school serves students with learning differences and AD/HD and our tutors utilize the same successful philosophy of using individualized instruction to maximize student potential, whether or not the tutoring student has a learning difference. You can find more information on our website at under Academics.

Anonymous said...

My son attends Triad Academy and they are absolutely wonderful! They also offer afternoon tutoring during the school year. Check their website for details.

Anonymous said...

I have three children at Greensboro Day School and we are all SO happy! My son has some learning differences that were totally overlooked by public school. Greensboro Day School took the time to get to know him and his learning needs. He received tutoring during the school day for a while and now he's doing great! I also really like that they take the time to care about how my children's friendships are going. Great place.

aspohn said...

I am a first grade teacher in W-S, interested in tutoring entering K-3students and wonder, what is the average tutoring fee for a certified teacher?

Katie M said...

To the commenter above, Rachel H with TSP tutors and the going rate is anywhere from $35-$50/hour. Most people she knows charges somewhere in there depending on if they come to her house or she goes to them.

Anonymous said...

I am a former GCS teacher of 8 years. I am now a stay at home mom. I am looking to tutor children Kindergarten through 2nd grade in my home. I live in NW Greensboro. Contact me at

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