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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Smarty Sponsor: Portraits, Inc.

By Rachel H

Triad Smarty Pants is pleased to tell you about our area’s premier Portrait Art agency for original oil, pastel, or watercolor portraits! Portraits, Inc. (formally Portrait Brokers of America) represents over 180 artists and is therefore able to find the perfect artist for your style, preference, and budget. They also service every step of the portrait process from the selection of the artist to the selection of the frame.

There are so many decisions to make, but with Portraits, Inc, the task is enjoyable instead of overwhelming. The guidance you receive from them is at no additional cost to the client! Portraits, Inc. also guarantees satisfaction. These portraits become your family’s most prized possession. As a recent client explained, "If the house were burning down, and we could only take what we could grab, it would be these precious portraits!"

Ann Davenport and Nancy Luick Bryan have both been in the portrait business for over 30 years and the value of their advice is immeasurable. They have tons of materials and portfolios on each individual artist and they are able to eliminate the guesswork and the legwork when selecting an artist. You are under no obligation when you look at portfolios with Ann and Nancy. They are both known for great service and can really help you with everything you need to know about this important project.

Nancy and Ann have portrait sample shows several times a year and always have up to date artist portfolios at their homes for you to peruse. They also help you with a more personal approach. They will ask you some questions about your style preference. Such as, "Do you like more impressionistic art or more realistic art? Do you prefer a classic pastel or a warm and rich oil painting? Do you want your child painted at the magic age of four or do you want to wait until they are older? Is it better to do all of the children on one canvas or do you prefer separate portraits?" They can then help you decide which artist is the best value for your personal preference.

One of their recent customers, Donna M, explained, "Childhood is such a precious time and I wanted a lasting, captured moment of our daughters' innocence and beauty. Ann Davenport had many artists, all styles and price ranges, to pick from. We were so thrilled with the quality of the portraits, the incredible service that Ann provided, and the fun of the experience, that we commissioned five more portraits of my husband's grown children and grandchildren. Ann truly, deeply cares about her client's happiness."

Another client, Julie N, says, "Nancy Bryan encouraged me to start looking at potential artists years before I wanted to capture my daughter at age 21. By doing so, I was sure of the style and medium decision. She was patient and understood my interests, helping to zero in to the right artist. She provided incredible service from start to finish including frame selection and photos of the portrait for my family. The portrait is exquisite and Nancy made the whole experience very pleasurable!"

And one final testimonial we'd like to share is from Rebecca S, who says, "At the encouragement of my husband I decided to commission a portrait of myself to celebrate a special birthday. I had previously worked with Portraits, Inc. on portraits of my two sons and was so pleased with the experience that I chose to work with them again. Feeling somewhat self conscious, Nancy helped me pick the correct artist and truly held my hand on this portrait from the initial photo shoot to the finial touch up! My entire family is thrilled with the end result and I highly recommend Portraits, Inc."

Our little ones do not stay little for long. Let Portraits, Inc help you capture them in a beautiful portrait that will last for generations to come. This is an enjoyable project that you will never regret taking the time to do. Contact Ann at 336-691-0162 or, or Nancy at 336-230-0450 or It’s always fun to look!

Beautiful portrait samples from Portraits, Inc. will be on display Tuesday April 6 through Wednesday April 14 at the Etcetra clothing show at the Busy B's shop at 1604 Battleground Avenue, Greensboro. The Busy B Shop is open 9:30 - 5:30pm. Additional portraits can be also be seen during that week by contacting Ann or Nancy.


Amy said...

I am taking today's blog as a sign. I have contemplated oil paintings of my children for years now. We got our tax returns yesterday and I told my husband that I was finally ready to have the paintings done. Looks like I will be visitng Busy B's in a few weeks. I like how they represent many artists, because I have been searching around in all Triad cities and have honestly been overwhelmed with the options. I am hoping to narrow down my choices with their help!

Anonymous said...

Portraits Inc. is fantastic!!! I am working with Ann right now on a portrait for my daughter to be done this spring. They are such a professional group and make the process easy as pie for parents and children.
I wanted to support a NC artist. They found an artist in NC representing the style I wanted and fit my budget.
I cannot wait to see the finished product!!! Call Ann or Nancy if you are even thinking about such a precious keepsake.

Karen said...

I am just in love with that first portrait at the top. Beautiful! I have never really thought about doing this before, but it seems like a fabulous, irreplacable keepsake.

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