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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Smarty Pants/New Balance Kids Club "Shoe of the Month"

By Rachel H

If you missed the blog about our newest sponsor, click here, to read all about New Balance Winston Salem and the fun ways we are teaming up to bring quality shoes to our readers at great discounts. We have started a Smarty Pants/New Balance Kids Club where our TSP readers will receive 15%-30% off children’s shoes AND adult shoes purchased at this Thruway Shopping Center location...

All you need to do is stop by the store and ask for your Triad Smarty Pants/New Balance Kids Club card. They will give you a card, and when you buy your first pair of shoes, you will not only receive 20% off, but will also receive a free three-pack of socks to go along with your purchase!

You may use your Kids Club card for ANY pair of kids’ or adult shoes, but we will also feature a shoe on our website each month that might strike you as one that your kids might love! We have the KA740 shoe shown in girls' and boys' styles above.

Stop by 202 S. Stratford Road in Winston Salem, where one of New Balance’s employees with fit your child perfectly for the shoe of your choice!


JessMess said...

Went by after I got your facebook message last week! Very happy with our shoes!

RLR said...

It's time for new shoes for at least one of the kids - maybe both! Thanks for the reminder about the discount card!

K.L.R. said...

We are a New Balance Family. Have bought their shoes for many years. Being in High Point, we now have an excuse to visit this location! Thanks for the discount card.

maythi said...

just got NB shoes today for both girls! the TSP card is awesome and we got our free socks!! thanks again TSP for such an awesome hook-up!

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