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Thursday, February 11, 2010

TSP/New Balance Kids Club

By Rachel H

I am thrilled to introduce our newest Smarty Sponsor today and tell you about the coolest way to save 15%, 20% or 30% on quality ADULT and KIDS shoes!!! New Balance Winston-Salem has teamed up with Triad Smarty Pants to bring you the Kids Club card, shown above. After reading today's post, hop on over to New Balance at Thruway Center and simply ask for this card.

When you make your first purchase, you will receive a punch on your card and get 20% off your purchase. You will also receive a free three-pack of socks! (Socks available in kids' sizes 10 and up.) Then each time you return to make a purchase, whether it be children's shoes or adult, you can use this Kids Club card to earn more punches and save even more cash!

So now let me tell you why you should shop at New Balance Winston-Salem from a mom's point of view. My first reaction was that the shoes in this store were a little higher priced than I saw at other "chain" shoe stores in town. Well, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. While the New Balance brand of shoe is found at most retailers, the shoes at the New Balance store at Thruway are the cream of the crop. The shoes you find in the actual New Balance store are of a greater quality, and they are all hand-stitched. Secondly, every shoe in the NB store is made in America! Always a reason why I am willing to shop somewhere. And third, the staff at New Balance is trained to fit your child perfectly each time.

Plus, did you know that you can get an entire team fitted for sports shoes here? Our Kids Club card can be used on these special orders as well. Whether you need cleats, or tennis shoes, New Balance can fit your child and order the product you need.

I also wanted to share some of the other products you will find in the New Balance Winston Salem store. Last year I purchased a fantastic pair of sandals and flip-flops that I just loved. (Yes, you can use your Kids Club card on these!) I also love their Susan G. Komen line of athletic wear. It is not only great fitting, but supports a fabulous cause.

New Balance has clothing for men and women to match the sport of your choice, whether it be tennis, running, or a class at the gym. Of course you can also find plenty of accessories from laces to hats and bags.

We are proud to have a business with quality products as a sponsor on Triad Smarty Pants. Be sure to stop by soon to pick up your Triad Smarty Pants/New Balance Kids Club card to start saving today! Located at 202 A South Stratford Road Winston Salem at Thruway Center. 336.722.9559 Store hours are M-F 10am-7pm, Sat 10am -8pm, and Sun 12pm-6pm.


Summer said...

Hey this is awesome, and just in time for spring shoe shopping.. with four kids, I think I might be saving a bundle!!

JessMess said...

I have been running for years and NB shoes are my fave! I also bought my son's cleats from NB last year and they are still in perfect shape for another season for my younger son. Glad to know the ones at this store are made in USA. Learn somethin' new every day! :-D

Beth said...

i love this idea! we'll be there to take advantage of it!


Heather said...

I wondered the same thing about why the new balance shoes were less expensive at some of the other places. Glad to know the quality is better. With the shape my knees are in, I need all the quality support I can get!!!

RLR said...

This is great news - we are a New Balance family!

Anonymous said...

Our podiatrist STRONGLY recommends New Balance shoes and especially the talented and trained professionals at the New Balance store at Thruway. The staff does a wonderful job fitting my son's ever-growing super wide feet.

Nancy T said...

I did it today! But I didn't get free socks :(. They had to order my shoes though so maybe I'll get them when I go back to pick up my shoes. Thanks for this!!!!!

Rachel H said...

Spoke with NB yesterday and the free socks will be available on March 1st!

Amy S said...

Thanks, this is great! We are New Balance fans.

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