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Monday, February 22, 2010

Smarty Find: Johnnie b

By Rachel H

When I want to treat my family to fun, unique clothes, I love mini Boden for my kids, and Boden for myself. It is quality clothing that truly lasts. It is high-end, so do not plan on getting a bargain, but definitely plan on a garment you will love ...

If you have ordered from mini Boden or Boden before, you will be excited to know that your teens can now enjoy these clothes, too! Boden has just released a new collection for teens called Johnnie b. Check it out here!

Good news is that the entire Boden collection is on sale right now "Buy 4 items and get the lowest priced one for $1.00." Plus, you can always find great deals in their SALE section online. (Truth be told - I don't think I have ever paid full-price for this clothing because I always wait for the item to go on sale!)

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Anonymous said...

I also L-O-V-E the Boden line! This teen collection is a great idea. Now my kids will never outgrow this brand! :)


JessMess said...

Can't say enough how much I love their clothes. I splurged a while back on a sundress and it has been my favorite piece of clothing for two years now. I feel like I justified the amount I spent because I have worn it so much!!!!!

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