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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Good Deals on Houses Won’t Last Forever

Submitted by Prudential Carolinas Realty

The spring has sprung, house showings are up and buyers in the Triad have awoken from their hibernation for the winter and are out in force looking at houses. Why are they out there looking? Because the market is great for buyers right now. Yes, yes you have heard that phrase a thousand times but think about it...we really do have a unique opportunity right now for buyers that will not last forever.

Could this be a good opportunity for you and your family to buy? There are no doubt things you wish you could change about your current abode and those changes might be out there in a new house. So consider a few more points about today’s real estate market and your future new home....

It is on the market now.
You can only buy what's on the market, so the good news for buyers right now is the selection is great in every price point. Open houses are a great way to shop around without an appointment for what's in your price point and they are going every weekend. Find open houses near you.

It is on sale right now.
By "on sale" not just available to buy but really "on sale" like at Macy's. With interest rates at historical lows, you can buy more house for less money because of where interest rates are right now.

Buying it now can get you a tax credit.
April 15 is quickly approaching and whether you have filed your 2009 tax return yet or not, if you are a repeat or first-time home buyer and are under contract for a new home by April 30th you can qualify for a tax credit. It's not too late to find a house and get under contract before the deadline but you have to act fast.

If you combine all three of these factors it equals an opportunity to buy that we do not see often in the real estate market.

A home is an important purchase and for most, the largest investment they have and is certainly not something to rush into lightly, but if you have thought about more space for the kids or a different school is really a good time to buy.


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