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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Best Price On Pampers

Previously written by Jen B, Co-founding Mommy, CharlotteSmartyPants

(Readers Note: This blog was written almost one year ago, and while the prices may have changed by a few cents, the rankings probably haven't as Jen B mentions below.)

I have decided that you need a PhD to figure out who has the best price on Pampers. The diaper people and the retailers are smart - they package the diapers in different counts for each store so it's harder to price-shop. The only way to REALLY figure it out is to visit each store, write it all down and do a spread sheet. Well, I have done that and I will share it with you. (Photo from early 2007 when Claire was still in diapers).

My formula was to figure out the cost per diaper. I realize there are many different sizes of Pampers so I compared the price of Pampers Swaddlers in Size 2. I think we can assume that if a store "wins" in this size that their other sizes will also be competitive. I also only priced the largest package the store had - we all know that you need to buy in bulk to save money.

Now I realize that we are only talking a few cents per diaper here but this can equal hundreds of dollars per year. If you have 1 child who uses 7 diapers a day, and you can save 5 cents per diaper, then over a year you have saved $127. And if you have more than one child in diapers then the savings goes up. My last disclaimer is that all prices are subject to change, but directionally, I think you will find the rankings stay the same.

The Findings (cost per diaper for size 2 Pampers Swaddlers):
• Sam's Club: 16 cents (Note: this was for size 1-2)
• BJs: 19 cents
• : 19.5 cents (Free shipping)
• Babies R Us: 20 cents (in store and online)
• Target: 20.8 cents
• Wal-Mart: 22 cents
• Harris Teeter: 27 cents*
• CVS: 27 cents

So, the warehouse clubs are the best prices and if you do not belong to Sams or BJs, then your best bet is to buy online at . I have done this many times and found it to be awesome. You order, it's free shipping, and they deliver to your door, how much easier can it be? Babies R Us and Target & Wal-Mart are not too far behind. Wondering why Costco is not on the list? They do not sell Pampers.

Now, I do have a note about Harris Teeter. The day I did my "price shopping" they had a VIC special. I logged the regular price for this list since VIC only lasts a week but their special netted out to 16.6 cents per diaper which is a GREAT price. It's always worth walking down that aisle to check their specials. I recommend you buy a small calculator that you always keep in your purse (unless you are a math wizard), if the diapers come out to 20 cents (for size 2) or less I would pick some up.

I also have to talk about Hopefully by now you have signed up for their coupons and e-mail. They send great coupons that will help you save additional dollars. Even if you are not a big coupon person, they are worth it at $1.50 a pop. [Note: After this was published a reader asked about; unfortunately they are not a great deal for Pampers Swaddlers, 23.6 cents per diaper for a size 1-2(not even a full 2). They do have free shipping over $50 but you do better elsewhere.

Where do you get your diapers? Have you found diapers even cheaper than this? Please share your Smarty finds!


Elizabeth said...

And I know coupons are a hassle, but even a few cents off here and there can save you tons. I've gotten Pampers Swaddlers as cheap as 12.5 cents per diaper just by hitting the right sales with the right coupon. You just have to do your research.

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