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Sunday, January 11, 2009

To Snip or Not to Snip...

By Tracy S, VP of Mommyhood and Expert Working Mom, CharlotteSmartyPants

Now there's a question! When my husband I got married, we weren't really sure if we even wanted to have babies let alone how many. Now, two beautiful children later ... one boy, one girl ... we feel very blessed and certain that our family is complete. Throw in a fairly rough recent pregnancy on top of a mid-to-late-30's body, and I feel pretty confident that I will not have that longing for a third baby down the road.

So now the question becomes, what do we do to make sure we don't have any little surprise blessings in the future? I've been on the pill pretty much my entire married life so it only seemed natural to accept that prescription from my doctor at my post-pregnancy follow up appointment and run right into the nearest pharmacy. But it got me thinking ... I am terrible at remembering to do anything daily. I even had to buy one of those "days of the week" pill boxes to remember to take my prenatal vitamins regularly!! So am I chancing fate that I may forget one day to take that tiny little BC pill?? Is it time to do something ..... permanent? My husband, Matt, and I haven't even broached that subject yet and I'm not sure I'm ready to. Again, don't get me wrong, we both are certain that we don't want any more kids, but there's just something about the permanence of it that has me so hesitant.

I know the decision of when and what we do is a very personal one and something Matt and I will figure out when the time is right. But it would be great to hear stories of how you took the plunge and decided if and when to do something permanent.


Anonymous said...

We haven't really reached the 'definately not having any more children' time, yet. I have spoke with some very close friends about this very thing and ALL of them have stated that it is much easier for the husband to have this 'snip surgery' done -- a much easier (and faster) recovery for men vs women and lots less complications! I would recommend you talking to your doctor. Hope this helps you decide.

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