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Monday, January 5, 2009

Child-friendly Coffee Shop

By Guest Blogger, Rachel H

I met a friend for coffee last week with all four of our children, and it was terrific! We sat with our tea and coffee and talked for an hour and a half with no interruptions! I know what you are thinking. “How in the world is that possible?” Well, there is a wonderful new coffee shop in Winston-Salem called Confluence, which I highly recommend all you coffee-drinkers with children check out sometime.

Confluence has a play room for kids with a glass wall. Parents can watch their kids while relaxing with friends. They also have two flat screened TV's, and computer access. They have tables and couches, and plenty of space if you wanted to meet a larger group of people. Confluence has bagels from The Bagel Station, juice boxes, ice cream, and other breakfast items.

Confluence is located off Highway 150 (Peters Creek Parkway) in Winston Salem. It is just a little further south of the new Wal-Mart that recently opened, so they are actually in Davidson County. They are open six days a week (Monday - Thursday from 7am-10 pm, & Friday-Saturday from 7am-11 pm).

Check out their website at to get more information. I hope you are able to take some time to stop by! The kids loved playing in the playroom, and my friend and I really enjoyed ourselves, too.


Confluence Coffee Shop said...

We are thrilled that you and your friend had such a great time at Confluence during your visit with us. We hope to see you all again very soon. We also appreciate the great review. Keep spreading the word!

Emily B said...

We went last week and it was great! Thanks for the tip.

Elise said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed Confluence ever since I read about it here. It is the best of both worlds when I can sit and enjoy my coffee and a book while my child plays.

MUN said...

Great shop, friendly staff, and nice atmosphere. Sometimes I take my kids and other times I just meet friends. It is nice that the playroom is separate, and the biggest plus is that I love the coffee!

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