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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Smarty Alert: Check out these updated Smarty Blogs!

By Rachel H
If you are not in the habit of checking out past directories and blogs, start now! Recent updates have been made to the blogs below. You can visit them any time by clicking on the "Most Popular Posts" and "Birthday Directory" buttons on the right side of the page. All blogs can always be found under our categories links on the left side of the page under our sponsors.
Kids Eat Free and Almost Free
Best Kept Secrets of the Triad
Birthday Directory

A few other reminders of helpful blogs now that school is in full swing! (These can all be found under our Education category.)
Homework: To Help or Not to Help
ERG Kids- Eduucation Resource Group (tutoring)
Triad Academy
Worried Your Child May Have a Learning Disability
Tips for Middle School

Keep TSP on your Favorites List and make us part of your daily routine! You'll never miss anything Smarty that you need to know!


Catherine said...

Thank you for the reminders. On a dreary day like today it is perfect for me to skim all these past blogs. I found so many that I did not see since I just found out about this site a few months ago. Only about 30 more minutes before naptime is over, so I better keep surfing!

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