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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Smarty Find: Seek the Triad

By Rachel H

We are excited to share a great find with all of you today! Seek The Triad was born out of a unique and exciting friendship between two Triad women. They are just two regular gals who love to talk, share, laugh, cook, eat, pray, protect their families, score deals, and give back to their community. Trish and Mary Jean were constantly finding themselves excited about things they encountered in their daily lives. It seemed their friends were always asking them about where to find all these “things” and “places” they had discovered. They had a crazy idea one day to start a blog about their local finds and a few months later started Seek the Triad. It is an informative, colorful, and fun blog about everything and anything you want to know about in the area.

Triad Smarty Pants is excited to share their upcoming giveaway with you. Seek will be hosting a Seek the Local Season “24 days of local Christmas shopping”. They are going to make it super fun for you, too! Beginning on Tuesday, December 1st, they will feature one of their “Seek the {Local} Season” sponsors and give you a chance to win FREE merchandise from that business! There are over $1,000 in treats to be given away (including tons of gift certificates). All you have to do is become a subscriber of “Seek the Triad” to qualify for the daily drawing.

The ladies behind Seek the Triad are just as fun as their blog. Meet these amazing Mompreneurs!

A native Greensboro girl, Trish has been enjoying the Triad for “several” years. Trish attended school, worked and played here, and loves that she is raising her family here as well. Trish married her husband, Shane, 11 years ago. She left the work force to raise a family after giving birth to her first son Grant (7), then following suit with the whole “boy” theme had her second son Drake (4). After her second son Drake was born with special needs, her passion for helping other was ignited. She is currently serving on the board of the Greensboro Cerebral Palsy Association and spearheads a huge fundraiser every year to benefit Gateway Education Center and the GCP. Trish also has a personal blog,

Mary Jean, also known as MJ…just don’t call her Mary…made the Triad her permanent residence when she became a SAHM in 2002. She is a wife to Darrin and great mom to boys Ethan, age 7, and Grayson, age 5. While she loves Target just as much as any girl, MJ is passionate about supporting her local merchants. She loves to be out and about in the Triad and learning new things the community has to offer. Whether it is finding a deal, latest events, or just volunteering at her children’s school, MJ gets involved with everyone in her life. MJ’s favorite things are spending time with her family, working out, cooking, decorating, bargain hunting, 70% cocoa dark chocolate (for real!), reading decorating magazines, and of course blogging! Visit MJ’s personal blog at

Take a peek and check out Seek! You'll love it!

Photos were done by Rebecca Hutcheson Photography, photographer from NYC.


Anonymous said...

Pick me, pick me! Would love to win one of these days of prizes! :-D


Monica said...

Love Seek The Triad!! Those girls ROCK!

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