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Sunday, July 4, 2010

2010 Smarty Natural Sunscreen Guide

By Jen P, Charlotte Smarty Pants

Happy 4th of July! We wish you a safe and fun holiday weekend, but don't forget to lather up! Sunscreen is such an important part of our daily routine in the summertime. Not only does it protect you from skin damage and sunburn, but it’s also a valuable weapon in the fight against skin cancer. Each year we review what the Environmental Working Group (EWG) recommends as they list all products (not just organic) and consider health hazard as well as sun hazard. Only the best for our precious fams, right?

Following is invaluable information straight from one of our favorite Smarty green resources,

"This year, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) looked at more than 1,400 skincare products including 500 sunscreens specifically designed for sport and beach use. What the EWG found was shocking: around 60 percent of those 500 sunscreens contain oxybenzone – a potentially harmful hormone-disrupting compound that penetrates the skin and enters the bloodstream. The EWG also warns against sunscreens containing retinyl palmitate, a type of vitamin A found in 41 percent of sunscreens. The FDA is investigating whether retinyl palmitate accelerates skin damage and increases skin cancer risk when applied to skin exposed to sunlight. According to the Environmental According to the Environmental Working Group's 2010 study only 8 percent - or 39 - of the 500 sunscreens tested are recommended." Gasp, this is frightening stuff, Smarties!

To help you safely lube up your fams this summer, we have listed alphabetically the Top 21, as recommended by the experts. Most are available on

All Terrain Sunscreens

Badger Sunscreen

Beyond Coastal Lip and Face Cream

California Baby Sunblock Stick

Caribbean Solutions SolGuard

Dessert Essence

Episencial Sunny Sunscreen

Estion Sunscreen with Zinc SPF 38

Jason Natural Cosmetics Sunbrellas

Kabana Skin Care Green Screen Organic Sunscreen

L'uvalla Certified Organic Sunscreen

La Roche-Posay Anthelios 40 Sunscreen Cream

Little Forest Sunscreen Lotion For Babies and Kids, SPF 30+

Loving Naturals Sunscreen, SPF 30+

Miessence Reflect Outdoor Balm, SPF 15

Purple Prairie Botanicals SunStuff, SPF 30

Soleo Organics All Natural Sunscreen, SPF 30+

thinkbaby and thinksport Sunscreen, SPF 30+

Trukid Sunny Days, SPF 30+

UV Natural Baby Sunscreen, SPF 30+

Vanicream Sunscreen Sport, SPF 35

Remember, a high SPF doesn't necessarily mean it's better protection. My dermatologist says anything higher than 30 is a marketing ploy.

Happy Summer, Smarties!

*Research on this blog was collected from and - we LOVE these green sites!

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Mary Jean, also known as "The Dough Nut" said...

I recently learned about this Vitamin A in sunblock about a month ago and was shocked to learn about it in sunblock!!! I have switched all of ours for the summer! Thanks you so much for sharing this information with your readers!!!!!

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