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Monday, July 12, 2010

Smarty Day Trip Series: Our Own Greensboro

By Rachel H and Guest Blogger, Lori Redding

This week we are continuing our Day Trip Series by focusing on enjoyable venues for families right here in our own Triad area. We have run numerous Day Trips about adventurous places to take your family outside of the Triad area as well, so be sure to check out our Day Trip category to view archived blogs.

Today, Lori has highlighted some of her favorite family spots in the Greensboro area. As we all know, you could spend months in the Greensboro area and never run out of new places to visit, so be sure to add any ideas that you think our readers would enjoy! ... Rachel H

You may hear teenagers poor-mouthing about how there’s nothing to do in Greensboro. Chances are slim, though, that you’d ever hear a similar line from parents of young children in the Gate City. In fact, there are so many great spots to hit that you could never get to them all in one Smarty Day Trip.

The Greensboro Children’s Museum is a perfect place to start. The newest highlight is the Edibile Schoolyard. This large outdoor garden is perfectly cared for and is an amazing educational opportunity. From rows of beautiful vegetables to a chicken coup and fish pond, the Schoolyard offers children the chance to learn about farming and where their food comes from. You might even get to do some hands on picking, planting or tasting while you’re there. To beat the heat, step inside and enjoy the many great exhibits the kids will love.
220 North Church Street
Greensboro, NC 27401
(336) 574-2898

If it’s near lunch time, don’t miss a chance to drop by Brown-Gardiner Drug Store. One of Greensboro’s favorite lunch spots, the lunch counter has great sandwiches and a quaint charm to take you back to days gone by. It’s perfect for kids, too, featuring fresh-made menu items like grilled cheese, hot dogs and orange-aid. You’ll love it!
2101 North Elm Street
Greensboro, NC 27408
(336) 273-0596

Next stop is the Natural Science Center of Greensboro. Just a quick drive up Lawndale Drive brings you to another learning lesson. Now instead of fruits and vegetables you’ll be learning about animals from all over the world. Indoors you’ll find lots of interactive exhibits including full-sized dinosaurs and aquariums housing a nurse shark. Head outside for a quick trip around the globe. There are alligators, lemurs, snakes and much more. Our favorite areas are the tigers and maned wolves. Seeing these awesome creatures strut within just a few feet helps the kids (and the moms) gain a better appreciation of their power.
4301 Lawndale Drive
Greensboro, NC 27455
(336) 288-3769

Now that you’ve experienced the natural world, why not go grab some books to continue the learning? A short trip out New Garden Road brings you to Price Park, one of Greensboro’s crown jewels. The Park was acquired by Piedmont Land Conservancy in 1999 and conveyed to the City to become a nature-focused park for the people. It contains hiking trails, a butterfly meadow and a native grassland under restoration. For nature lovers it’s the perfect place to explore and see their favorite wildlife. In addition, Price Park is home to the Kathleen Clay Edwards Family Branch Library. The library is the most visited in the Greensboro Library system. It contains a wealth of educational materials to help kids learn more about the natural world just outside its doors.
1420 Price Park Road
Greensboro, NC 27410
(336) 373-2923

If you’ve still got a few hours or want to plan another Smarty Day Trip there’s much more to be found. Bur-Mil Park has fishing opportunities, a public pool and great trails for the family to enjoy. You can check out TSP's list of favorite Greensboro parks here.The Bog Garden near Friendly Center is a great place to stretch your legs, feed the ducks and take a stroll. Afterwards you can swing through Friendly Center where there’s something for everyone – Great Outdoor Provision Company for dad, Toys & Co. for the kiddos and the moms will love a few quite moment in Simply Meg's to catch up on all their fashion needs.

Lori, we thank you for all your ideas! I am so excited to check out the drug store and let my kids order some classic food! Speaking of food, all my friends know that I have two favorite reasons for visiting Greensboro on a regular basis - PF Chang's and The Melting Pot! YUM! If you have not been to either of these, you have GOT to go! (Take note, that The Melting Pot is actually a better venue for a date night instead of a family spot. On the other hand, Chang's has a great kids' menu!) What is your favorite thing to do in Greensboro?


Jamie said...

We also love REI at Friendly Center. The kids love that store, too!

Laura said...

I can "second" the vote on the Kathleen Clay library! It is fantastic!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great list - we are on the opposite side of High Point and never seem to make it to Greensboro as much as we should. This will give us a reason to go!

Anonymous said...

We'd add a visit to ArtQuest, Greensboro's very own hands-on art studio for children, which is located in the Cultural Arts Center opposite Center City Park. And, just down Elm Street is kid-friendly Fincastles.

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