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Monday, July 26, 2010

Set a World Record with Chick-fil-A!

By Katie M

We just got word that Guinness World Records Activities and Records will debut in Chick-fil-A Kid’s Meals. Look for record-breaking games and challenges in your kids' meals. Contest starts today, and tomorrow night is Family Night at all area Chick-fil-A restaurants in the Triad!

Chick-fil-A® is partnering with Guinness World Records® to challenge children across America to set their own records this summer. Beginning today through Aug. 28, the series of five activity-filled Guinness World Records® packs features “Do Try This at Home” challenges, intended to promote fun parent-child interaction and active playtime with friends.

“We hope reading about the Guinness World Records achievements and attempting some of the fun activities will inspire kids to strive to set their own records in life,” said Angela Savage, Senior Kids & Family Marketing Consultant for Chick-fil-A, Inc. “The warmer summer months are the perfect time to encourage children to be active and get outside to play with their parents and friends.”

The five Kid’s Meal items include:
- A collection of Guinness World Records cards containing world records set by animals. Each card includes a tangram on the back. Did you know the tallest living horse is Radar, measuring 6.5 feet tall without shoes?

- A Guinness World Records sports and games booklet, including world records broken by athletes around the world, as well as two score wheels to track “Do Try this at Home” challenges. Did you know the longest distance leapfrog was performed by 14 students who covered 996.2 miles?

- A 30-second timer to help you perform the “Do Try this at Home” activities, such as “how many jump-rope skips can you make in 30 seconds?” or “how many golf balls can you hold in two hands for 30 seconds?”

- A set of cards on a ring that contain Guinness World Record holders and corresponding challenges. Maxwell William Mobley, 7, became the youngest registered entrant in a Wild West Arts event. The “Do Try this at Home” activity suggests children make a race course around the yard and race a friend to see who can gallop through the course the fastest.

- A booklet of Guinness World Records hobbies and pastimes with related “Do Try this at Home” challenges. Chick-fil-A Operator Arthur Greeno set a record in 2008 with the largest cup of lemonade. The cup contained 834 gallons made from 11,730 lemons!

The materials will be available in Chick-fil-A Kids Meals from July 26 to Aug. 28 (while supplies last). Children who receive the same activity twice can exchange the duplicate for another activity during the five-week promotion. After the promotion, parents can order toys online at http://www.shopchick-fil-a.comas long as supplies last.

*Information taken directly from a press release issued by Rob Entsminger of Jackson Spalding for Chick-fil-A.


stephanie m said...

I love this idea! Anything to help my kids set some goals is a good thing!

Anonymous said...

planning to go tomorrow night for family night and pick one of these up!


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