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Friday, July 16, 2010

Your Basic Health Questions Answered!

By Katie M

In case you haven't noticed, we uploaded a new "Your Smarty Source" on the right side of our site, and it's chock full of fabulous health information, thanks to Brenner Children's Hospital. For the next few months you can count on "Your Smarty Source" to deliver the latest information on a range of health topics that pertain to children and parenting. Take a peek because chances are good Brenner has an blog that answers some basic questions you might have.

Brenner will continue to add to this library of blogs. So whether you are a new parent with an infant or a seasoned mom looking for advice on raising teenagers, you can be assured Brenner will have the latest scoop and tips below.

Here's a quick tease of what you'll find in "Your Smarty Source"...

To read any of these topics below in greater detail, just visit "Your Smarty Source"!

What is Up With Molluscum?
Molluscum contagiosum (“molluscum”) is a viral infection of the skin. For reasons that are not known, molluscum is becoming more common. It is spread by close physical contact (skin-to-skin) or by contaminated objects, like a towel or wash cloth. Although very controversial, there is some evidence that molluscum may be spread via swimming pools. Any child may get molluscum but those who have eczema seem to be particularly prone.

What Should I Do If I Suspect Child Abuse?
Unfortunately, child abuse and neglect is far more common than we would all like to imagine. In 2007 there were over 3.2 million reports made involving over 5.8 million children. It is estimated that a report of child abuse is made every 10 seconds in this country. Even though we frequently hear about child abuse on the news or read about it in the newspaper, we may falsely regard child abuse as a problem that exists in "other communities." However, it is important to remember that child abuse crosses ethnic and cultural lines, occurs at all socioeconomic levels and within all religions. It is critical that we are all able to recognize the signs of child abuse as well as know the appropriate steps to take if we suspect that a child is being mistreated.

Children and Divorce
As a child and adolescent therapist, I see a lot of children who struggle with the separation and divorce of their parents. I interact with the family from the perspective of the child and advocate for the child’s needs. I use a play therapy approach which allows children the opportunity to show me through their play the impact it is having on their day to day lives. Of course, every child reacts differently to this stressful event however there are several things which seem to be articulated over and over to me.

Preparing Your Child for Surgery
Surgery! Parents react to the news that their child will need an operation with a wide range of emotions, but let's face it, no one is happy to hear the "S" word when it comes to their child. Moms and dads would have an operation a thousand times over if it could spare their child from needing an operation at all. Being prepared can help manage the stress of an inherently stressful time. How can you get ready if your child needs an operation?

Talking With Your Child About Sex
It’s a fact - one third of 9th graders and two thirds of 12th graders in the US report having had sex. If you’d like your child (girl or boy) to act responsibly and make sound decisions, talking about sex is essential. Ideally, these conversations will occur as natural extensions of discussions you’ve already had about “sensitive” issues. No doubt, you will have discussed the names of body parts in early childhood, “where babies come from,” and the body changes that might occur during puberty. The fact that you talk regularly and openly with your child about all sorts of issues will provide a foundation for a discussion of sex.

The Basics of Potty Training
There are two main questions most parents have about toilet training: 1) When should I toilet train my child? and 2) How should I toilet train my child? Unfortunately, there aren’t any straight answers to either question. Not that you won’t find a lot of opinions, but very few of them are based on scientific fact, just anecdotal views.

Breastfeeding: One of the Most Important Decisions a New Mom Makes
One of a mother's first decisions is "Should I breastfeed my new baby?" There are many opinions as to what choice a new mom should make. As a pediatrician and neonatologist, I am always encouraging new mothers to breastfeed their infants. In my opinion, it’s one of the most important first decisions a new mom makes and can significantly impact how a baby develops and grows.

Infants Who Sleep - It is Possible!
If you ask a new parent what they would wish for the most, they will often say “a full night of sleep,” followed by a day with no crying or dirty diapers. In the first two years of life, sleep problems are the most frequent complaints of parents during pediatric office visits, so you are not alone. About 30-50% of infants have enough of a sleep problem to cause parents to seek help, and they can persist into childhood if left untreated.

As mentioned above, you can access any of these blogs in full by clicking on "Your Smarty Source." If you have a health topic you'd like to see covered in "Your Smarty Source", leave a comment below and we'll pass it along to Brenner!


Kelly G. said...

This is AWESOME! Thanks so much for working with Brenner's to do this.

maythi said...

What a wonderful resource and wealth of information. Thank you TSP and thank you Brenner's for teaming up to bring parents pertinent information. Very appreciated!

candice said...

I like this idea!!!

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