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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Smarty Alert: TSP won "Runner Up" for best blog!

Thank you, once again, to our loyal and amazing readers! The annual "Best of Winston-Salem" list from Smitty's Notes was posted today and we were simply elated to see Triad Smarty Pants listed as the runner-up for best local blog! What a wonderful surprise ...

Due to the fact that our readers are from all over the Triad, we realize that many of you from the Greensboro and High Point areas have never heard of this contest! Smitty's Notes is a fabulous website with all the goings-on in Winston-Salem. Each year, Smitty sends out a survey asking about the "best of" in a number of categories. This list is a superb resource for W-S residents. It can help you find the favorite choices for restaurants, customer service, gift shops, artists and local events, just to name a few. Smitty also sends out a newsletter that will keep you in-the-know for things W-S related, so be sure you register!

Triad Smarty Pants had only been up and running for a short time when our readers voted for us last year and gave us an Honorary Mention. As TSP is now in our second year, we were thrilled to "move up" in our ranks and receive runner-up!

We wanted to thank all of you once more for your comments, emails, guest blogs, support and loyalty. Triad Smarty Pants has become a success because of our reader involvement. We have used many of our readers' ideas to construct our informational and resource buttons on the side of our website. In addition, our readers have given us a plethora of blog topics as well. Continue to log on daily, and if you have not yet done so, be sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter by entering your email in the box on the top right. This week's newsletter included a special treat for our subscribers!

Thanks again, Smarties, you rock!


Kristie said...

Way to go TSP Ladies! Your site is AWESOME!

Anna/Flowergardengirl said...


JessMess said...

Congrats girls! You all deserve it. You have no idea how long I looked for a site like this. The past year that I have been following you has been great. I always find a helpful blog and I am never at a loss of things to do on the weekends with my family. It is obvious that is takes a lot of work to put these blogs and lists together, so props go out to you! I am just sorry I did not know about this contest to add my vote. Next year!

Summer said...

This is so AWESOME!! I am so excited that the news of TSP 's fabulousness is spreading. Congratulations ladies!!

Ashley H said...

CONGRATS Smarties!!! You're winners everyday, keep up the great work!! So proud.

Jen P. said...

Whew-hoo!!! So proud of you Smarty girls:-) You deserve a zillion awards for all of your hard work!

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