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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Smarty Tips to Preserve Your Summer Pedicure

By Jen P, Charlotte Smarty Pants

Summer pedicures have always been a treat for me. I never bother with manicures because they don't last, nor do I ever have the time to wait for them to dry. But I can whip on some flips and run out the door with a wet pedi, so those have always been my favorite pampering indulgence.

One trick I have learned is to apply oil on your cuticles everyday after you get out of the shower. The best nail oil is Solar Oil and it has almond oil in it so it smells extra yummy while keeping your skin hydrated. You can find Solar Oil at most beauty supply stores or nail salons. By keeping your toes well-hydrated (works just as well or better on your hands too!), your pedi will last twice as long. Plus, it just looks better.

Here are some other Smarty tips to make your pedis last...

Choose metallic colors as opposed to bright pinks and reds. For some reason, they don't fade in the sun. Also apply a clear top coat every so often to protect your polish. And I've heard that you can ask for a special "sunproof" clear coat while at salon.

You might also alternate getting a pedicure and then just a polish change next time. With a polish change, you usually get filing, oil and new polish all for only $10. You also save time by getting a polish change - 20 minutes and you're done as opposed to at least 45 minutes for a full pedi. Yes, I can do this on my own, but I never do as good of a job, I certainly don't have the entire color palette of OPI polish, and for some reason, mine never lasts as long.

Do you have tips to make your pedis last? Please share!


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